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The month of May this past year is a hazy one to me. Around my birthday (the 10th) I was knee deep (no pun intended ;) ) and falling, in my reading of the Fifty Shades trilogy by E.L. James. Absolutely LOVING it! After my Christian Grey withdrawals I was very eager to find something to help fill that void even if it was temporary because I could NOT stop thinking about those books. I’m not even sure HOW it happened but I came across the Goodreads site (www.goodreads.com) and instantly signed up! It’s always been kind of hard for me to love reading because I felt there were no books for people my age. That’s one of the many reasons I loved Fifty. I loved that this site would give me recommendations based on the books I’ve already read and I could share my opinions with others. I quickly added my readings of Fifty Shades (giving them all 5 stars) and kept searching for a new book to read because I was going crazy!

That’s when I kept seeing “Gabriel’s Inferno” pop up & decided to click on the link and read the summary. I immediately wanted to get it…and I did! I read “Gabriel’s Inferno” in a day…YEP a day. I didn’t believe it. I could not put it down and kept reading until the wee hour of the next morning (much like I did with Fifty). I INSTANTLY related to Julia’s character since we shared the same age and a few life experiences. And seriously who would not love Gabriel Emerson! COME ON!! :) I woke up May 23rd like a lunatic running out the door to my nearest Barnes & Noble looking for “Gabriel’s Rapture”. The guy at the counter helped me by looking it up and sadly told me they only offered it in Nook format. (I didn’t even know what that really was haha shhh I do now) I went back home CRUSHED and went to Google, finding out that coincidentally the day before was the release day for “Gabriel’s Rapture”. (Twilight zone music plays haha) I then went back on to Goodreads and became part of the “Gabriel’s Inferno Book Club” (http://www.goodreads.com/group/show/69232-gabriel-s-inferno-book-club) That’s when I really thought I was losing it. How can a book make me so obsessed that I would want..no, NEED…to join a bookclub to just talk about the books?!  The wonderful moderators of the group would send messages to the entire group, keeping us updated and sending links of reviews that the author had done.

Sylvain Reynard. That was the author’s name. I found more interviews that featured the author and I soon found out that “the” author was actually a “he” and I fell in love. (Yes I have an author crush on SR…and I know you do too! ;) How on Earth could a man write something so incredibly beautiful!?… And did he have a younger brother!? Haha After reading the way he answered things so eloquently I knew it was real. He has a passion for writing and he needs to keep doing it *HINT HINT NUDGE NUDGE* Then, soon after, I met another group of wonderful ladies on Facebook (through the fabulous Enn) and all we talked about was GABRIEL EMERSON, GABRIEL’S INFERNO, GABRIEL’S RAPTURE and I fainted. Haha I found a group that shared my same love..and *cough* obsession.. for the books!

It was here that I met my future Literati Literature Lovers and soul mates, (Karen, Amanda, Rosette, Michelle, Elizabeth and Jessica). We realized these books brought something so wonderful to each one of our lives and wanted to continue spreading the word about books we love and authors we cared for. We decided to start a “small” bookclub…and it all spiraled from there. Flash forward to today, Sept 4th, celebrating SRDay and the release of new copies of the books that brought us all together. We have hundreds of followers on Facebook, Twitter and our website! UNBELIEVABLE! We are having a blast meeting all of you and reading more books to become obsessed with ;) I thank E.L. James and Sylvain Reynard for igniting my passion for reading and bringing me so much joy. I’ve read so many books since and have even more favorite authors! I thank my wonderful #Lovers for making me laugh and cry with their humor; and I thank YOU fans for following us! We appreciate you sharing your time with us!

Best wishes & Happy SRDay!  Much love, Tiffany :)

P.S. I’m going back to that same B&N to ask the guy if the books are available now ;)

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  1. Tiffany, you sound like me, and if you’re 23 or almost 24, (since you wrote this almost a year ago), I could be your grandmother. Sylvain Reynard has had this affect on many different age groups, not just the young. In all my years, (and they are many), I have never experience anything like this. Yes I too have a crush on SR like thousands of other women. And, I might add, have been happily married for 44 years.

    • Tiffany (TLC4YOU) April 24, 2013 at 2:43 pm · · Reply

      HAHAHAHA!! Yes, I’ll be 24 next month! and HE DOES!! He has this charm that needs to be bottled up and sold! haha Congrats on your marriage!! That is something to be very proud of! :)

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