Sun by Darwin Blake

Burning bright.
You light the way.
Until dusk.
The end of day.
But soon return.
To shine my way.
The right path.
I see the way.
And sometimes bright.
I shield my eyes.
But never scared.
Your golden glow.
It warms my soul.
You never will grow cold.
You tan my skin.
Sometimes cause harm.
Help the flowers grow.
And when I’m gone.
You’ll still be there.
Shining bright.
Casting shadows.
Until the dawn my friend.

This poem is the intellectual property of Darwin Blake, posted here with his permission.  If you steal from him karma will comeback and bite you. The Lovers.

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  1. Love the picture. poem is ok too 😉

    • Trying to find a picture of the sun rising over England, so people would know it was the UK was either Stonehenge or nice chimneys. The chimneys won as I want to visit Stonehenge for the sun picture. As for the poet, he is pretty good, he maybe famous one day. Karma is a bitch and so are gypsy curses, so no one better steal the poets prose.

  2. Nice picture. Karma is a bitch too.

  3. lol, i love how you have stated that whoever steals karma shall get them.. this poem is gorgeous though.. :-)

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