They sit there perfect on your face.
Curled so slightly, just to tease.
Ruby red like blinding jewels.
Parted when they feel the need.
Warm and full.
Always wanton.
But when I’m here.
Never waiting.
Sometimes bitten.
Not just by you.
Often when I’ve much to do.
Soft and skillful.
Playful lips.
Just a smile.
Does the trick.
When I kiss you.
Stars do shine.
I close my eyes.
I see you there.
That wicked.
Pretty smile.
Those deep red lips.
That drive me wild.
The Kiss, it comes.
I can not wait.
To feel you close.
To taste you soon.
My lips do ache.
To be with yours.
( And soon The Kiss, it comes so soon.
Like the Flourish, will you swoon? )

This poem is the intellectual property of Darwin Blake, posted here with his permission.  If you steal from him karma will comeback and bite you. The Lovers.

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  1. oh so sweet, so romantic and filled with so much longing and yearning.. I believe we have all experienced this feeling.. 😀

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