Who is YOUR Book Boyfriend this Valentine’s Day?

What if someone asked you to choose ONLY ONE of the many guys you’ve fallen in love with (in reading of course) to be your book boyfriend? *shakes head* Nope! I can’t do it! Every time I read a book, especially romance, a little bit of my heart goes to each one of those guys. So thank you to every favorite author of mine for creating such swoon-worthy men! ;) It was a very hard decision for me and I couldn’t choose just one so here are my men. Drumroll please….*drumrolls*…. (announcer voice) TIED FOR FIRST PLACE ARE: Aidan Fitzgerald (The Proposition, The Proposal by Katie Ashley) and Michael Andris (Boycotts & Barflies by Victoria Michaels)!

Who is Michael AndrisYes once again I’m professing my love for Michael; he just gets me every darn time!  I’ve mentioned Boycotts & Barflies time and time again and it’s only because it’s a must read story! If you haven’t met Mr. Andris and his “piercing blue eyes” yet, please hurry and buy the book! Rosette & I were even lucky enough to chat with Michael and ask him some juicy questions. Grace you lucky girl ;) I posted the pic to the left because I still haven’t placed a face/person for him. Let me know if you envision someone as our lovable bartender!

Aidan - Charlie (2)Aidan. Fitzgerald. Marketing VP.  Wears Suits. *sigh* You all know what a man in a suit does to me. Thank goodness for Michelle and her insistence for me to read Katie Ashley’s work. PLUS I was urged even more when she gave BOTH books wonderful 5 star reviews! Check them out here: The Proposition & The Proposal.  While reading, I got those heart clenches that I usually do when I feel like the book is going to be a favorite of mine; and as it so happens, they both are! :) Aidan is the guy you find to be so full of himself and then you realize he actually has a heart. UGH! You got me Katie! I was in love the moment I met…er…READ…about him ;) “Aidan Fitzgerlad rubbed his blurring blue eyes.” Gosh, blue eyes get me every time!

Leave a comment or tweet us who your #BookBoyfriend is this Valentine’s Day! Hope you all have a great one! :*

Buy all the books NOW! :)

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