Cradled against his chest

Crook of his arm, head rest

His hand clutching breast

Long since undressed

Silence, save my sigh

His hand caressing upper thigh

Wouldn’t dare move or try

Enjoying afterglow high

Nestled in tight

Holding me with might

His arms feel just right

Not moving rest of night

His fingers tracing line

Learning every incline

Suits me just fine

Knowing he’s mine

Think I’ll just stay

Love being held this way

Heart continues to sway

Couldn’t drag me away

Love known to few

Indebted to you

Everything that you do

Feel your love true

So baby let’s just BE

Just you and me

Together a ‘we’

Loving completely

Stealing one more kiss

Contented submiss

Undeniable bliss

This is love. This.


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  1. Reblogged this on Words from across Oceania and commented:
    Beautiful words by Miss Bee, she is an amazing soul that just radiates beautiful beams of life!

  2. Mirabella, Thank You for your lovely words. 😉

  3. This is just gorgeous! 😀

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