S.C. Stephens Links ~ Reckless


ICYM: Here is our wrap up of Reckless and the Thoughtless Series by best-selling author S.C. Stephens!

Review: Reckless 5-Star Spoiler-Free
Interview: S.C. Stephens
Series Book Covers: Changing Book Covers
Thoughtless Series: Everything You Need to Know About the Thoughtless Series Including Deleted & Bonus Scenes
Giveaway: Win Signed Paperbacks of the Thoughtless Trilogy
Giveaway: Win Thoughtless-Inspired Keychain

One thought on “S.C. Stephens Links ~ Reckless

  1. I came into this series late…everyone already had read it and I was told you have to read these. I finally bought them and did it. I really enjoyed how it was written, I searched around to see all the extra tid bits released and enjoyed it all. I am savoring reckless love the interviews on totallybooked and maryse book blog. Great reading I am looking forward to the new series in the fall.!

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