Guest Post & Giveaway: Journey to Faith by Tina Klinesmith



faithcoverTitle: Journey to Faith (Journey #3)

Author: Tina Klinesmith

Genre: Christian Fiction/Romance

Publication Date: April 15, 2014

Cover Designer: Allison Brennan

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~ Synopsis ~

Michele and David have it all: successful careers, a loving marriage and the perfect daughter. Until the past raises its head, intent this time on wrecking damage to their daughter. When tragedy strikes, they find their faith in God and His plans tested. Can their family remain strong in the face of adversity or will they crumble in ruins? Will love fail them when they need it most or will it restore their faith in what the future holds?


Six Words To Describe the Book

Fear: Actions, right and wrong, are most often driven by fear whether as simple as peer pressure or as complicated as losing life as you know it. Michele, David, Faith and Declan each face their fears throughout.

Hope: While fear motivates the action, hope gives confidence to continue moving forward in the face of fear, even when all appears lost. Hope, in spite of tragedy, is what lifts spirits and brings beauty from the midst of catastrophe.

Faith: Besides the obvious character in the story, faith is a central theme. Believing, with certainty, what you hope for will be accomplished because you know, in your heart, Who you believe in is far more important than any outward evidence.

Endurance: When faced with trials, it’s easy to grow weary. Michele and Faith handle their struggles in completely different ways but neither gives up. They continue to press forward in the face of exhaustion.

Understanding: This is where Declan and Micah excel. Both have been in similar positions to where Michele, David and Faith now find themselves and have survived. Neither shies away from offering a supportive shoulder, using their pasts to walk alongside, sharing the burden.

Love: Throughout the story, love emerges. Even as it evolves and changes, morphing into something greater, it moves beyond the boundaries of the family unit leaving a legacy.


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~ About the Author ~


Tina Klinesmith (1973-present) found she had a love for stories at the ripe age of 2 when her mother found her trying to read a romance novel. Even in childhood, she spent time crafting stories, plays and songs for family and friends.

Raised in the lush Central Valley of California, Tina continues to reside there with her wonderful husband, three children and a menagerie of beasts who believe they are also children.

Tina loves the outdoors and spending time camping, fishing and just hanging out with family and friends. She is an accomplished horsewoman and trainer as well as a fitness instructor and online coach. She loves to hear from her readers!

Connect with the Author:Twitter | Facebook | Blog | Website | Goodreads | Pinterest | Instagram

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Journey to Faith

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Rest in Places Author Marlayna Glynn Brown Shares: My Ten Favorite Intimate Cities To Fall In Love (Or Have Fun Trying)



ripcoverTitle: Rest In Places: My Father’s Post Life Journey Around The World

Author:Marlayna Glynn Brown

Genre: Memoir/Travel

Publish Date: 01/12/2014

Publisher: Self Published

Event organized by: Literati Author Services, Inc.


~ Book Synopsis ~

Join award-winning memoirist Marlayna Glynn Brown on a tender journey to understand the father she never knew in life by spreading his ashes around the world after his death.

A relatable must-read for anyone who has lost a loved one, this memoir lights the way to afterlife and afterdeath where forgiveness supersedes pain, blame, remorse and regret.

In her effort to understand the generational effects of alcoholism and subsequent dysfunctional adult relationships, Marlayna takes her youngest son and her father’s ashes on a personal journey, embarking on an emotional voyage to both physical and mental states of being. She confronts her own existence as a mother and a daughter, seeking and ultimately finding peace with her disappointment, anger, failed marriage, and complex relationships with her own four children.


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My Ten Favorite Intimate Cities To Fall In Love (Or Have Fun Trying)


Marlayna Glynn Brown 

We all know about Paris, but Paris is a big city and can feel a bit intimidating. What if you’re looking for somewhere a little more intimate? Many travelers seek a little amour while enjoying the flavors of a foreign city. If you happen to be looking for love, what better way to see a city than on the arm of a native? Locals know all the best places – public and private – and are usually quite proud to show off their city. If sparks fly, light a fire and really get to know the country!

Budva, Montenegro

Summer in Budva is one loud, giant party. Don’t even consider visiting the popular Montenegro Riviera city without bringing your bathing suit and dancing shoes. Spend the day at the beach on one of the hundreds of lounge chairs, rocking out to the pumping house music while your cocktails are hand-delivered. In the evening cruise the main promenade where you’ll find cafe bars, cotton candy, restaurants, shops and discos with go-go girls. With the reputation for having the most millionaires per capita in Europe – 500 in a town of 22,000 – who knows who you might meet?

Positano, Italy

Although this Amalfi Coast city is quite popular, it doesn’t detract from its ambient romantic charm. Lovely climate, picturesque views, homemade limoncello and amazing seafood make this walkable, hillside city a must-visit. This city is made for romance! If you don’t bring your own lover, feel free to engage the locals, but be warned they will not tell you their real names. As explained to me by a young Italian male, their lifecycle is such: live at home and enjoy life and work hard until marriage. Marriage includes the ‘love years’ where a man dedicates his life to his wife and children. After the children have grown, the man returns to working hard and enjoying life again. The locals are fairly irresistible but don’t say you weren’t warned.

Budapest, Hungary

Nicknamed “Paris of the East” due to its lovely lights and architecture, Budapest has grown increasingly popular among European youths. With so many museums, parks, Turkish baths and monuments to experience, you could walk for days without using public transportation. Budapest is quite inexpensive compared to its major European counterparts which means you’ll have more money to spend eating, drinking and mingling with the locals. The Hungarian people are known for their style and beauty – go see for yourself.

Makarska, Croatia

Croatia is breathtaking in many aspects, especially the Markarskan Riviera. Aside the crystal-clear Adriatic sea, this town boasts fresh organic food, Croatian wines, and delectable seafood. The active will enjoy parasailing, rafting, kayaking and nude sunbathing. The towering Biokovo mountain range behind Markarska includes the Nature Park – great for hiking, exploring or visiting the tiny church at the top. Cruise along the main promenade in the afternoons and evenings to meet a new friend or two. If you’re feeling adventurous, be sure to board one of the Island Fish Picnic tours for a lovely day spent touring a couple of Croatia’s more than 1200 islands and dining on unbelievably tasty fresh grilled fish. Most of these tours offer unlimited wine. Drink too much and you may end up leading the guests in off-key renditions of “Hey Jude” and “Bohemian Rhapsody” like I did.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a city rich with history making for enjoyable days exploring by the side of a knowledgable host. Although it’s definitely worthwhile to see the common tourist sites in one of Europe’s largest cities – bridges, cathedrals, and the biggest ancient castle in the world – be sure to veer from the trodden path. Outside of the mulled wine and absinthe bars in the tourist zones you can gift yourself with visits to working man’s pubs for lunch, dinner or beer. Hear some music playing? Stop in to see what’s going on where you’ll likely find cheap beer, Czech patrons who bring their dogs along, and friendly people. I was lucky enough to be taken to an unmarked secret ‘tea room’ on the fifth floor of a walkup. I’d tell you where it is, but then I’d have to – you know.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini is on my list only because there isn’t much to do on this island other than be in love. I accompanied a recently-divorced friend to Santorini and we had to laugh when we found ourselves together in a double bed in one of Santorini’s many romantic bungalows. Although we filled our days riding quads, exploring the red, white and brown beaches, and taking a cruise to the lava island, we both vowed we would never return to this romantic island without bringing a lover along.

Munich, Germany

One word: Oktoberfest. Another word: Beer. A final couple of words: Beer is the ultimate language translator. Get thee to Oktoberfest, otherwise known as Sausagefest.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

This ancient city boasts miles of a coastline so lovely you won’t want to do anything but sit at one of the bars situated on the rocks above the Adriatic sea, drink a refreshment and enjoy the view, the sun and the air. Of course you will do other things such as stroll along the Stradun at night, dine on grilled or stuffed squid, drink local Croatian wine or lick Extra Black ice cream. Feel like dancing? Hit up Culture Club Revelin – a wild club in one of Dubrovnik’s old forts where you’ll meet people from many different countries, hear top DJs and watch dancers on stilts, in cages and on bars perform amazing acts.

Playa Grande Beach, Dominican Republic

This lovely white-sand beach is truly one of the most beautiful areas I’ve ever visited. Located an hour south of the athletic paradise of Cabarete, it’s well worth leaving behind the surfers, windsurfers and kiteboarders to find this piece of paradise. Away from the noise of the motorcycles, the sales pitches of the jewelry vendors, and the tourists that populate other parts of the Dominican Republic waits this quiet stretch of beach with a powerful surf. Rent a surfboard or a boogie board or just bodysurf. When you’re hungry any one of the restaurant employees will be happy to set up a table and chairs for you to dine on fresh seafood and drink fresh coconut juice straight from the shell. If your idea of paradise is blue water, hot sun, white sand and great service – this beach is for you.

Antigua, Guatemala

This quaint, cobble-stoned city surprised and enticed me with her unexpected charm. The streets are filled with both tourists and native Mayan people dressed in the clothing indicative of their village. The air is often filled with the sounds of cannons, firecrackers, music and laughter because there is seemingly always some kind of celebration going on. To escape the raucousness, drop into one of the many wonderful restaurants or bars. This city is one of the easiest places to meet other people regardless of whether you’re eating, drinking or just resting. The center of the city contains a lovely park filled with benches. I guarantee you cannot sit there alone for five minutes without making a new friend.

About the Author


Marlayna Glynn Brown is a best selling American memoirist, award winning photographer, screenwriter and yogi. Immediately upon publication Marlayna’s first book became and still remains one of the most highly rated author memoirs on Amazon, and placed as a finalist in the 2013 Next Generation Indie Book Awards.

Marlayna’s extensive travels, BA in Literature and MS in Human Services have honed her remarkable gifts in observing and recording the ways of humanity. Her works include:

Overlay: A Tale of One Girl’s Life in 1970s Las Vegas

City of Angeles

Big As All Hell And Half Of Texas

The Trilogy: Memoirs of Marlayna Glynn Brown

One Day The Invitations Will Stop Arriving: A Travel Memoir

Lovers, Liars and Lotharios: Lessons Learned and Self Esteem Earned

Rest In Places: My Father’s Post-Life Journey Around The World

The Nomadic Memoirist: Memoir Writing Tips For Authors

The Nomadic Memoirist: Award-Winning and Best-Selling Promotion and Marketing Tips for Authors


Find Marlayna on Facebook, Twitter, and visit her at