Interview with Our Wonderful Poet, Laureate Darwin Blake

imageBelow is our interview with the esteemed Darwin. We hope you enjoy finding out more about this witty and charming poet.

Shall we call you Darwin or Mr. Blake?
I prefer Darwin; only one woman gets to call me Mr.  Blake.  And I don’t mean my PA.

1. What writers or poets have most influenced you?
The literary classics Keats, Shelly and The Bard but more recent authors too Pratchett, Bateman, James and, of course, Reynard.

2. What is your favorite genre to read and why?
Difficult to pin me on that one, fantasy, romance, science fiction, crime, and comedy.   I’m happy to give anything a try.

3. What books did you read as a lad? Follow up, which one of those books was your favorite?
The first book I read was lent to me by my friend, Dale.   He never got it back.   It was the Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett.   I remember how it made me laugh and how he made Death a relatable character.   He loves cats you know…..Death that is.

4. When did you discover you had talent for writing poetry? Your poems seem so effortless and relatable to readers. It’s as if you’ve been doing this forever and selfishly hiding your work from us. When did you begin writing?
I’ve always been apt at rhyming and also have been blessed with a good imagination, but I only started writing in the last year after penning a handwritten letter.  I found how easily words flowed from my hand.

5. Your poems reveal little things about your personality, such as your love of the cinema and dislike of spiders.  You also write heartfelt poems of love.  Some have called them displays of fervent love.  Are you comfortable with exposing yourself to so many people?
Yes, I work with a diverse team and have to liaise with lots of people every day;  I am comfortable talking publicly and enjoy being part of a debate.
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