Lovers Month Poem and Giveaway: Remembrance of Love by PJ Bayliss

Remembrance of Love

Could you recall a better time?
when laughter spilt like red wine,
the flowers bloomed on our table,
holding each other whenever able.

Could you imagine better days?
rolling amidst summer hay,
gentle kisses upon the beach,
>never being too far from reach.

Would you relive those late nights?
your eyes lighting up upon sight,
midnight air thick with romance,
heels softly clicked as we danced.

Can you remember all the gifts?
if they were received with a kiss,
were they ever your most wanted,
or even make your heart grow fonder.

Will you remember times of love?
when neither could give enough,
frantic pleasure amidst the zest,
when every time became the best.

Will you remember days of past?
when our love will forever last,
cherished moments when we’re old,
our souls warmed up from bitter cold. Continue reading

Lovers Month Poem: My Daughters Hand by D.E. Brooks

My Daughters Hand

seen the first time

in black and white

grainy image

behind your hand you hide

thumb in mouth

already so soon

seeking comfort

from in the womb

next time seen

in living color

flailing wildly

tiny fist opening

reaching out

holding tight

so much strength

so much fight

even today

your hand so small

five years young

prints on the wall

leaving your mark

with paint and words

learning to write

stories and poems

reaching out for comfort

sharing your joy

pulling me along

to show me your toy

hand in hand

walking the beach

into the water

for the shell you reach

you hold my heart

in your tiny hand

from the time you were no bigger

than that grain of sand

for my sweet L.

I love you.

c.2013 D.E.Brooks

You may find more works from D.E. Brooks on her blog, The Red Velvet Chair.

Lovers Month Poem: this. by Mirabella


Cradled against his chest

Crook of his arm, head rest

His hand clutching breast

Long since undressed

Silence, save my sigh

His hand caressing upper thigh

Wouldn’t dare move or try

Enjoying afterglow high

Nestled in tight

Holding me with might

His arms feel just right

Not moving rest of night

His fingers tracing line

Learning every incline

Suits me just fine

Knowing he’s mine

Think I’ll just stay

Love being held this way

Heart continues to sway

Couldn’t drag me away

Love known to few

Indebted to you

Everything that you do

Feel your love true

So baby let’s just BE

Just you and me

Together a ‘we’

Loving completely

Stealing one more kiss

Contented submiss

Undeniable bliss

This is love. This.


Want to read more from Mirabella?  Visit her site at

Lovers Month Guest Post: Andrew Shaffer

I was a newlywed before I realized I didn’t know much about “love.” I only knew about it in the abstract, but I had no idea how to make it last.

I started my first book with the idea that if anyone could teach us about a concept as abstract as love, philosophers—the original “lovers of wisdom”—should be at the top of the list. Slowly, however, a pattern began to emerge: No matter how brilliant their minds, philosophers were just fumbling around in the dark when it came to their own romantic relationships. In other words, they were human. This idea eventually evolved into Great Philosophers Who Failed at Love, a tongue-in-cheek look at the disastrous love lives of history’s greatest minds.

Researching and writing about doomed love affairs took its toll on me. By the time I turned in the final draft, I was ready to write a book about positivelove stories.

Unfortunately, on a long enough timeline, and under close enough inspection, we’ve all “failed” at love to some degree. Breakups, unrequited crushes, cheating—all are normal parts of our lives, at one time or another. Maybe even healthy parts of our lives, depending on how we react to them. Do we grow? Do we learn? Or do we repeat our mistakes?

Romance novels are the one place where love stories are always guaranteed to end on an upbeat note. After finishing Great Philosophers, I started reading them as a sort of palate-cleanser. While I approached romance novels as a curiosity at first, I found they weren’t as poorly written or as stereotypical as the clench covers had led me to believe. To my astonishment, many were good—and a few were great. Just like any literary genre, in my experience. Continue reading

Lovers Month Guest Post: Sylvain Reynard

“Courtly Love” by Professor Gabriel O. Emerson, Associate Professor of Italian Studies, University of Toronto.

Sex and love are not the same.

I’ve lectured on this subject in the past and usually, my claim is accepted without argument.  What’s more difficult to defend is the claim that one can enjoy romantic love without engaging in sex.

Most people would point out that when you fall in love with someone, you want to have sex with them.  Many times. Or constantly.

It isn’t easy to understand why a pair of romantic lovers would forego sex and remain in love.  But I study the life and works of Dante Alighieri, who was enmeshed in a non-sexual romantic relationship with a woman, Beatrice Portinari, that lasted for years. So as much as I find it difficult to believe that one can have romantic love without sex, I’m forced to confront that reality on a daily basis.

“In that part of the book of my memory before which little can be read, there is a heading, which says: ‘Incipit vita nova: Here begins the new life’. Under that heading I find written the words that it is my intention to copy into this little book: and if not all, at least their essence.” (La Vita Nuova, Dante Alighieri, Book I, Trans. A. S. Kline.)

So begins Dante’s account of how his new life began when he met Beatrice at the tender age of nine. He declares that since that moment Love governed his soul.

The courtliness of Dante’s love is understandable when he’s young but when he meets Beatrice again when they are both adults, it’s much more difficult to understand.  In fact, Dante describes their meeting like this, “She greeted me so virtuously, so much so that I saw then to the very end of grace.”


We could, perhaps, dismiss Dante’s fascination with Beatrice as a kind of religious experience, given his language. But he goes on to describe a vision that he has in which she is naked and wrapped in a crimson cloth, and held in the arms of man who declares himself to be Dante’s lord.

Continue reading

Lovers Month Poem: Love by Darwin Blake

When lovers meet, become entwined.

What do you think goes through their minds?
What wonders spark that simple thing?
They lie there, stand there…oh such things.
Such delights and pleasure held.
Something special yet withheld.
Someone standing in the dark?
Watching, waiting, taking part?
Eyes grow wide when its unleashed.
Head rolls back when she does that.
Bitten tightly is that lip.
When he curls around her hip.
When she says to him…how’s that?
Does he answer?
Not a chance.
Deep in thought of how to return.
That act of love she gave to him.
What to do?
What to say?
Nothing is the only way.
Let your mouth, hips, fingers too.
Do the talking you need to do.
Dance across her skin so light.
Gentle touches, her delight.
Plunge yourself between the sheets.
Between her folds, her warmth beholds.
Make her feel just like a Queen.
If you do, she will return.
Every day and every night.
Bring each other true delight.
Bring that crashing crescendo.
That flourish as she begs you so.
Give it all and in return.
You’ll get the greatest prize of all.


My Book Boyfriend, a very hard decision. by Karen Everett

I am supposed to write about my dream date with my dream book boyfriend, only problem I’m stuck. So for awhile now I’ve been mentally reviewing the cast of potential book boyfriends.

DG GabrielThe first book boyfriend that came to mind was Professor Gabriel Emerson from Gabriel’s Inferno and Gabriel’s Rapture. He is intellectual and handsome. Oh how I would love to pick his brain. We could talk art, poetry, and books; plus we could debate single malt vs. blended scotch and then drink it. But, alas Gabriel likes women he can slay dragons for. I unfortunately slay my own dragons, cut off their heads, and chop them into little bits. So sorry Prof, you are marked off my list. Oh how my heart just sunk.

20130105-232146.jpgThe second book boyfriend that I thought of was Cash, the reason being the bathroom scene in Down To You by M. Leighton. Yes, Cash is sexy and dangerous, but same problem I had with Emerson, Cash is an alpha-male, who rescues gals. I have never needed rescuing in my life. So despite the bathroom scene and the VIP room, bye bye Cash. Wait, before I depart…….*looks toward bathroom* No, better not.

prince-phillipWho to pick? Who to choose? First love? Maybe? My first book boyfriend was Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty. I was four years old, and he was a much older man. He was dashing in his red cape, and he really did slay a dragon, Maleficent. He even liked the menagerie of woodland creatures Briar Rose had, definitely a possibility. Too bad even at four I was the kick-ass type of girl. Get in a jam, had my handy dandy intellect and cowgirl- up attitude to get me out of it. Bye Phillip. Loved your hat too!

lion1Maybe I should move over to paranormal men; they all seem to like kick-ass women. Oh yes, Curran Lennart from the Kate Daniels Series by Ilona Andrews. He loves kick-ass girls who can hack things up. This might work. He is sexy and alpha. He does get fuzzy, as in cat form, but I really am more of a dog person. Damn, he was perfect too. He would have loved my rip-off heads and take names; pushy is my first, middle, and last name personality. But, alas bye Curran, I really am a dog person. Plus cats make me sneeze. Achooo.

imageThinking. Thinking. Oh bother. Eureka! I know who my book boyfriend is. The guy who made me smile with his first line, who thumped my heart as he reminded me of the guy who is truly mine. Trick from The Wild Ones by M. Leighton. He’s cute, witty, sexy, sweet, and can ride a horse; he even has a smart-ass streak. Plus, he is a nice guy. Yes, an honest to goodness sweetheart of a guy; they do exist. Move over Cami, *elbow her out of my way* I’ve never been thrown from a horse. But due to an itty bitty snake, I stay on my mounts. I can even show Trick how to properly tack a horse. *Pet Peeve* just ignore it. We can go riding, and I can put him through his paces; hey get your minds out of the gutter, horseback riding, see how good his seat really is. Since he wants to breed Quarter Horses, I’ll see if he can cut or rein, see want he’s like under saddle. I need to see if he is qualified and is willing to take him for a spin or two. The poor guy did start out with Thoroughbred horses. That is a minus in my book (hangs head); I’ll overlook it for you Trick. So Trick, you are my guy; I think you could use me in your life. So BYE Cami, you were a sweet girl; but anyone who comes off a horse because of a little ole rattler loses her boyfriend. Trick is MINE! Cowgirl Up.

My Valentine’s Day Date with Kellan Kyle from the Thoughtless Series by S.C. Stephens


Devin Paisley is my Kellan Kyle

Is it any coincidence that the two oldest and longest married members of LLL are posting on the same day?  Talk about a lot of pressure!  Ugh, I am not a writer, and I will never become a writer.  :)

Sweet Lover Amanda came up with this great concept, which I think is fantastic, but I prefer to keep some things more private and in my head.  Plus, when I told my husband what I had to write, he looked at me as if I had three heads!  He has no idea what a book boyfriend even is, and he really doesn’t have a reason to know either.  He is just happy that he is the beneficiary of my “smut” reading.

Anyhow, I remember the date as if it were yesterday:  June 19, 2012.  That was the day Kellan Kyle entered my life and became my “book boyfriend.”  Kellan has such a way with words that my heart melts, and I just want to hold him tight and never let him go.

“I know that I have to be with you. Everything else is just…details.”

“I want to be someone’s everything. I want fire and passion, and love that’s returned, equally. I want to be someone’s heart.”

“I’ve never wanted anyone, like I want you. Every girl is you to me. You’re all I see…you’re all I want.”

So my ideal date with Kellan would actually be pretty simple because I’m a simple kind of girl.  I don’t like diamonds (I know, gasp!) because “everyone has one.”  I don’t like expensive gifts, and I don’t like flowers because they die so quickly.  I’m more practical.  So in my mind here’s how my date with Kellan on Valentine’s Day played out:

Kellan picked me up at 4:00 PM sharp in his Chevelle.  I slid over to sit right next to him on our drive so I could enjoy his sweet aroma.   I had no idea where we are going, but with Kellan planning our day, I have no doubt that it will be perfect.  Anything with Kellan is perfect.  He told me to dress casually and take along a hoodie in case I got chilled.  Of course, I always have him to snuggle up against to keep me warm.   The radio is playing one of my favorite classic tunes, Faithfully, by Journey!  Of course, Kellan is singing along.  I love to hear him sing.

After a short drive, we pulled into a beautiful park where the flowers had just started blooming.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day, complete with a blue sky, no clouds, and a blazing sun.

Kellan parked the car, and he and I both slid out of the driver’s side door.  He immediately opened the trunk and pulled out a plaid blanket and a picnic basket as well as his guitar.  Again, this is why I love this man.   Simple and sweet.

We walked hand in hand to a spot near a beautiful tree.  Kellan laid out the blanket, and we immediately sat down.  Of course, curiosity got the best of me, and I couldn’t wait to see what he had packed in the picnic basket.  Inside I found mini sandwiches, fruit, brownies, and some champagne.  But I wasn’t hungry right now.  I just wanted to spend time with Kellan.

Kellen slipped off my shoes, grabbed some lotion that was in the side pouch of the picnic basket, and immediately began massaging my feet.  He knows me so well and the fact that my feet are one of my erogenous zones.  The movement of his thumbs on my arch is so sensual that he could make me purr like a kitten.  During my foot massage, we talked about all kinds of things, the weather, books that I had read, the upcoming tour, and songs that he was writing.  I wondered if Kellan was going to pull out his guitar, and I wanted to beat him to the punch with my Valentine’s Day surprise.

So I immediately stood up and told Kellan to remain seated.  I told him that I wanted him to know how I felt about him and began singing this song all the while locking eyes with him:

If there were no words, no way to speak, I would still hear you
If there were no tears, no way to feel inside, I’d still feel you

And even if the sun refused to shine,
Even if romance ran out of rhyme,
You would still have my heart until the end of time
You’re all I need, my love, my valentine

All of my life I have been waiting for all you give to me
You’ve opened my eyes and shown me how to love unselfishly

I’ve dreamed of this a thousand times before
In my dreams I couldn’t love you more
I will give you my heart until the end of time
You’re all I need, my love, my valentine

And even if the sun refused to shine,
Even if romance ran out of rhyme,
You would still have my heart until the end of time
‘Cause all I need is you, my valentine
You’re all I need, my love, my valentine

Kellan immediately began packing up the contents of the picnic basket and threw my shoes in there as well.  Then he picked me up like some caveman, threw me over his shoulder, grabbed the basket, blanket, and guitar and jogged over to the Chevelle.  He gently placed me back on my feet and ran to the back of the car to put the items in the trunk.

I opened the driver’s side door, slid in, and then Kellan joined me.  He placed one hand on each side of my face and made me look into his piercing eyes.  He said, “Michelle, that was the most beautiful song I have ever heard, and you have no idea how turned on I am right this minute from watching and listening to you sing the words from your heart.  Now let me take you back to my place and show you how much I love you.”


My Date with Sin

A Book Boyfriend….is there such a thing? Is it possible to be so emotionally invested in a fictional book that the characters become more than just words on a page?

These are questions I’ve asked myself over the years.  Pondering such existence usually happened when I’d stumble upon those awe gushing reviews of the newest chart busting novel and its leading man, or when I happened upon whispered conversations- that could be compared to teenage ramblings- down the aisles of my favorite book store.  It was chatter such as this that caused me, on several occasions, to choke my laughter down for fear of a lynch mob forming who will undoubtedly come after me for not being the newest member of the Crazy Club. I swore they were everywhere and I just didn’t get it.

I am a reader- this is not news- and have enjoyed many novels over the years.  I’ve experienced stories that made me laugh and do the ugly cry (yes, there is such a thing and we’ve all done it) over a simple moment in fictional time BUT, I’ve never found one that made me feel like we could be anything more than just Reader and Fiction.  Well, that is until now.

I am here to tell you that yes book boyfriends do exist and yes, I have become one of those crazy women who silently consider what it would be like to meet these all-too-real characters who’ve now taken up residence in my head.


Did I just admit that on the internet?! *sigh*

So, now that that’s out there and before the urge to go hide in the corner completely suffocates me, I guess I should introduce you all to MY book boyfriend…Mr. Griffin Fiske.  Isn’t he a dreamboat?  Say “Hi” Griffin. ;)


For those of you who have not made his acquaintance don’t worry, it’s not too late. He -and the best cast of Sinners a girl could ask for- will certainly make it worth your while thanks to their creator and genius writer Ms. Tiffany Reisz. The first thing you need to do is grab a copy of The Siren here, (by Tiffany Reisz of course) and then proceed to hold onto your britches because she’s going to blow them away.  And trust me when I say this… you’ll love it and will be begging her for more.

*cough* You’re welcome.

Just leave the pants off next time, they won’t be needed.

Of course once she has you by the short ones, you will have no choice but to consume The Angel and then The Prince.  The good news is, you will survive and I can guarantee that you too will want at least one (if not all) of her Sinners to come along with your shiny new membership card to the Crazy Club. Now, you want to know why the handsomely stunning Griffin is THE best book boyfriend?  He never comes alone. ;)  Enjoy! (I know I certainly did)

Lovers Month Guest Post: Darwin Blake

So…I have as you can tell been asked to write something for the LLL.

I’m going to talk about emotions.

Love Vs Hate.

In the red corner.


The master of smiles.

The smasher of fear.

The one the only.

True hero!

And in the blue corner.


The destroyer of dreams.

The darkness inside.

The fear that makes the darkness shake.

Love/ləv/NounAn intense feeling of deep affection: “their love for their country”.

VerbFeel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to (someone):  “do you love me?”.

Synonymsnoun.  affection – fondness – darling – – be fond of – fancy – adore

So, love is in the air they say…
Love is all around…
Love, love,love…
Love to love you baby…

What do these things make you think of?

Happiness, delight, pleasure?

The union of two people.
The sun on your face.
An unexpected gift.
Somebody going that extra mile.
Bringing you something when you are ill.
Sharing and caring.
All these things and more make me think of love.
A romantic gesture, that scene in a book or film that melts your heart.

Gabriels Inferno is a perfect example.
You have two people so in love it hurts.
Though for the most part they have no idea of how much…well at least Gabriel.
He yearns for the woman he only knows a Beatrice. His Muse.
His one. The one he has been…waiting for all his life.
Though he has not been faithful to her body completely, he has never forgotten her in his heart.

The frightened rabbit, Juliana on the other hand has never forgotten. That night. The photo she stole.
The way he looked at her and spoke to her must have bitten a hole through her soul.
Made her bleed tears for her lost love.
I can’t lie. It’s making me sad just thinking about it…
Le Sigh as a friend says.
But when he realised she was his lost love…oh my days did I smile.
My heart leaped and I punched the air.
True love isn’t about sex or kissing or holding somebody all night.
Well…not just that but about friendships.
Your closest friends or those you have never met…true friendship and love come hand in hand.
That can never be beaten.
I know this…

So…on to the flip side of the coin.
The dark side of the force…oh and before I continue on that thought.
Luke…she was your sister.
You didn’t even flinch when Ben told you! Jesus man!


Hate /hāt/Verb

Feel intense or passionate dislike for (someone):  “the boys hate each other”.NounIntense or passionate dislike:  “feelings of hate”.

Synonymsverb.  detest – abhor – loathe – abominate – execrate – dislikenoun.  hatred – odium – abhorrence – detestation – loathing

Darkness and fear.
I know all about this…too well.
I remind myself of dark days.
Of a young Darwin…what a handsome young man ;)
Of mis spent days and nights.
Of feeling invincible…
Back then I felt fear, not often but the rage and hate bubbled deep inside of me and begged to be released. To hurt, to cause mental and physical pain to others.
To upset those closest to me…
I have, though hard to imagine…because I am really a nice chap…been hated.
Those who hated me felt compelled to cause misery and suffering.
But I look out of the window and I look to the television.
My hate and the hate felt toward me is but a pathetic excuse to use up an emotion.
Hate is much more.
Hate is war and famine.
Hate is rape and murder.
Hate is theft and assault.
Hate is looking down upon somebody less fortunate.
Hate is the bubbling rage that consumes those who allow it.
Who let the darkness take over.

I refer back to Gabriels Inferno again…
Simon, the ex boyfriend.
When I read what he was doing, when I read of the hurt and pain he was causing, the embarrassment and suffering!
I gritted my teeth and swore that if Gabriel didn’t kick his ass in the next page I would throw the damn book in the bin!


Words caused me to hate.
To wish pain and suffering upon another.
But in this case…rightfully deserved.
And some people get anger and hate confused. Anger is the precursor to hate. It is a catalyst. Hate is the undying need to cause harm, suffering and pain.

As I am a romantic…Love will always prevail.
Hate and those who hate will be put down.

Love is all around…

You can see more from Darwin Blake on his blog.

Lovers Month Poem: Even by B.L. Ronan

by: b.l. ronan

the predawn hours
make the chase
a place of magic.
tall grasses billowing in the wind
before a shadowed forest.
the mist creates an air of mysterious

this place resonates in my soul
for it is where our forever began
plans blossomed
a future

it still astounds me
that across oceans
our souls
found their way to each other.
for years,
i wished
in wells
on stars
forgotten eyelashes.

i believed
though i thought such love
was out of my reach.
it was made for storybooks
and others.
but your heart
it sang to mine -
melded itself within
to beat

the warmth of the reality
the perfection
that is the synchronization of our hearts
elates me.

i reach for your hand
but i am alone.
i turn.
all around me
and the expansive forest
that is the chase.
and me.

overtake me
because i am never alone
in this sacred space.
my eyes search to no avail.
when on a whispered wind,
the faintness of your voice calls
to me.

eager to once again feel your presence,
i run towards you.
barked columns surround me
and i skirt
amongst the shadows
and fog
towards your ever moving voice.

the desperate need for the chase to end
buckles my knees.
and panicked
i wrap my arms around myself
no longer sure of where i am
or how to get back to where i was.

tears begin to fall,
when the darkness
the fog
is pierced by the rising sun.
eyes adjusting to the light
i realize that i am, in fact,
back at the edge of the tree line.
the open grassy expanse
alit before me
and silhouetted against the sun’s rays
is you.

my feet find purchase,
and i run.
i forget my fear
confusion -
when i see the love
burning in your eyes
lighting your smile.

i throw myself in your arms.
you surround me
enfold me
tightly within your embrace.
one arm around my waist,
you cup my cheek
kissing away my tears
before lowering your lips to my own.

travels the coarse of my body
and my eyes
pop open.

i am no longer outside
in the dew covered grass,
but here

in our bed.
you lie asleep next me -
your breathing heavy and deep.
i reach for your hand,
lacing our fingers together.
holding on i know
that despite how lost i may become
what space may divide us
your heart
your soul
will find mine -
my dreams.

Read more from B.L. Ronan on her blog, The Sacred Road.

Lovers Month Guest Post: David James

The Fiery Hearts: Love in Young Adult Novels

Love is impossible to define, and yet it defines everything. In Young Adult novels, there is a distinct sense of urgency when it comes to aspects of love, a sense of beauty that is sometimes lost as our years are; adults seem to view love through different eyes than these young characters we love. Imagine the idea of love as a fire, and in that image you will have the basis of what it means to love in most Young Adult novels; young love burns with a fiery heart unlike anything else.

Sometimes love is instant; sometimes not. Unlike adults, young adults refuse to be defined by timely restrictions of any politically correct version of love. It is in this instant connection where many people assume young love falters. This is akin to saying a fire is less when it’s just beginning to kindle. Both still burn. While adult characters often hold back in terms of loving someone as intensely as young adult characters, there’s something in the way more mature characters handle love that makes us wonder this: Are these adult character, in fact, more mature, or are they simply afraid? Like love, a fire may have different qualities at various stages of its making, but belittling it is to deny the fact that love, especially in the eyes of young adults, is almost undefinable in its stages.

In many ways, young adult characters are made to fear everything except love. They resist fitting in but want to. They fight but don’t know how. They must look a certain way but rarely do. They must save the ones they love and sacrifice themselves. In stories today, teens are often faced with enormous obstacles not only affecting them but the entire world. Their lives are at stake and still they fall in love. In this, unlike in many other human obstacles, many of these characters are fearless when it comes to love.

Katniss and Peta (The Hunger Games Trilogy), Bella and Edward (The Twilight Saga), Cassia and Ky (The Matched Trilogy): No matter how young love begins, teenagers in love always burn with fiery hearts even when their love is not center stage. Young adult love is not restrained by time but rather flourished by the fear of it; young love may be instantaneous, but there is always a reason why it continuos to be so dramatically urgent. In these stories, there are always outside factors influencing the normal fluidity of love. Take, for instance, the star-crossed love story of Katniss and Peta. Their relationship is set against a horrific backdrop of war and rebellion and loss, and yet they still manage to fall in love. Katniss and Peta, however, have a different kind of love than most; even at the end of their story we are left realizing that their love is not yet fully developed. It’s not done kindling even though it has been since the beginning. Although it is clear Peta loved the idea of Katniss from the beginning, their relationship is left to this: “Real or not real?” With them it is real because, in that moment, they let it be. Peta fought for Katniss, and she him, making them both a little bit fearless. Continue reading

Happy Lovers Month!

couple-valentines-day11It’s the month of February and the month that most people associate with love because of Valentine’s Day.  On this day, it is not uncommon for couples to exchange gifts to show their affection.  Delightful confections are presented to others, but they pale in comparison to the sentiments the bearer feels toward the recipient.  We Lovers decided that we wanted to show you love all month long the way we do it best…with words!  We want you to know that we love and appreciate our followers that have been with us as we have read each book, tweeted with you, and emailed you.   We can tell you a few things right now that you’ll be very excited to hear.

Men are going to tell us what they think about love.  We asked a few male authors from different genres to share their thoughts on love.  We didn’t give them a particular subject to follow so it would be sort of a word association project.  All we asked was that they write about whatever keeps them up at night, misconceptions about love, funny stories about love, etc.  You’ll enjoy reading the responses from Andrew Shaffer, David James, and Sylvain Reynard.

We also asked a few of our favorite poets to tell us what they think about love.  B. L. Ronan, D. E. Brooks, Darwin Blake, Mirabella, and PJ Bayliss provided us with a wide range of poetic thoughts on the subject that you’ll be sure to love.  You will want to frame them, so get your Michael’s framing coupons in order.

Finally, we have a few surprise posts coming up that we just can’t share with you right now or else … they wouldn’t be surprises, would they?  You’ll get a kick out of what you see and possibly even hear. ;)

We hope you enjoy Lovers Month.   It is our gift to you.

~ The Literati Literature Lovers