Poetry Wednesday

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We have started something new at Literati and that is Poetry Wednesday. In the words of Robert Frost:

“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.” 

So please enjoy today’s poetry by Deidre. She can be found at her site The Red Velvet Chair.


Tear this mask off, take the costume away.

It’s killing me

being here, posing as someone I’m not.

I’ve pretended for so long that I don’t know

where the charade begins

or ends.

Take the shackles from my wings and let me fly free.

I long to soar without being bound, finding my path

among the clouds.

Yet fear overwhelms and chastens, drawing me down

again to find

that which keeps me bound.

Not knowing where to fly when I find the sound

of my voice, the choice is devastating me.

My wings not clipped, but flight forbidden so long,

will I be able to fly if released from your grasp?

Or will I fall?

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