Wine: A gift from the Gods

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Benjamin Franklin once wrote “Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.” Wine has played an important role in our secular lives. In our secular lives wine is what we have celebrated special occasions with birth, marriage, happy and even sad time; we toast to each other with wine, offering those toast as prayers into the universe. Historically wine was a safer choice to drink than most water supplies.

Wine is used as the backdrop of the book The Winemakers Dinner, the characters of Jaden and Ivan first see each other at the Miami social event portrayed in the book. What is a Winemakers Dinner, usually they are a social event were vintners and winemakers showcase their most prized wine. In the book the wine that is showcased predominately is the Velvet Gloved Shiraz by the Australian winery Mollydooker Mollydooker Winery has a personal relationship with Dr. Ivan Rusilko the co author of the book. Dr. Rusilko not only enjoys the Velvet Glove Shiraz, but also has revealed another love of the Miss Molly produced by the winery.
The 2010 Velvet Gloved Shiraz
The Velvet Gloved is described by Mollydooker as follows:
Dark black violet in color, this wine has an intensely spiced nose with fruit aromas of fresh raspberry, plum and blueberry with an edge of tar, mocha and blackberry jam extending the complexity. The palate shows amazing purity of fruit with delicate flavors, fine oak tannins and creamy oak. Simply unique it has the ability to coat your entire mouth with the softest of textures yet unleashes such an intense and amazing array of fruit, completely rich and voluptuous with undeniable elegance. A wine that truly deserves it’s name, coating your tongue like a Velvet Glove.

To honor the beauty and individuality of our Velvet Glove Shiraz, we seal it in a unique bottle, apply a real velvet label printed in silver foil, and then place the bottle in either a gorgeous velvet bag or one of our handmade gift boxes. It’s our labor of love to provide you with a joyful experience from beginning to end. The grapes were grown on the Gateway vineyard in McLaren Vale.

Barrel fermented and matured in 100% new American oak.

Alc: 15.5% Residual sugar: 3.6g/L pH: 3.46

2010 Miss Molly Sparkling Shiraz
The Miss Molly Sparkling Shiraz is one of Dr. Rusilko’s own favorites:
Seriously tasty. This wine will help you come up with all sorts of reasons to celebrate and pop another bottle. Focused on fresh red berries but with great layers of complexity, chocolate and cream, spice, fine tannins and soft luscious sparkling finish.

This wine is made for fun, the label is jumping out at you, the bubbles are doing the same and the flavors just make it too easy to enjoy. Miss Molly, the girlfriend of the Boxer, a very exciting bottle to get into.

The grapes were grown on the Longbottom vineyard in Padthaway, the Birchmore vineyard in Langhorne Creek and the Hunt Creek, Semmens and Mollydooker vineyards in McLaren Vale.

Barrel fermented and matured in 100% American oak using 60% new and 40% one year old barrels. The Boxer has gone through a secondary fermentation allowing us to create this beautiful sparkling wine.

Alc: 15.0% Residual sugar: 13.9g/L pH: 3.39

Marquis Fruit Weight (your guarantee of quality)70%

Serving suggestions
If at all possible, plan ahead for your parties and celebrations and store your Miss Molly in the fridge for at least three days prior to drinking. Then, when you pour your Miss Molly, the delightful bubbles will be tinier and creamier.

We have recreated some of the meals mentioned in the book The Winemaker’s Dinner. Our wine recommendations are as follows. We are providing generic wine names; the brand that you choose depends on your taste and your budget. The wines are listed under the recipes.

Technical Specifications for the wines provided by Mollydooker Winery.

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