Review: Seducing Cinderella

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Title: Seducing Cinderella
Author: Gina L. Maxwell
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Grade/Rating: 5 out of 5

Let’s face it; flirting is an art form, a way of maintaining intimacy at a safe distance. Some people can be blatantly brash with their flirtations, that it becomes second nature to them. Other’s can be quietly coy and express their wants and needs in the most delicate ways. The subtleties to this flirting business are mind boggling. An experienced seducer would establish eye contact, not once, but several times. She would know how to lick her lips and smile seductively, sending wordless messages across the room bidding her intended to come hither. Once introductions are made, the woman would continue this playful teasing by tousling her hair, caressing her wine glass, biting her lip at the most opportune moment, then positioning her body towards the man’s direction. The man is entranced. The entire scenario is professionally executed without the victim even aware that he has been caught.

Then there are folks like me who need a bit of help. The ones who need to purchase books like Flirting for Dummies, which does, in fact, exist, if you need to brush up before you go to your next shindig. The ones who stare across the room at a potential mate, and he responds by wiping his face to see if he’s got a booger hanging out of his nose.

If you are lucky to get him where you want him, you have no idea what to do with him. So you remember the articles that you endlessly cut and pasted into a file entitled “How to Get My Man.” But that glass of wine spills at your failed attempts at caressing it. You bite your lip too hard from nervousness, and it starts to bleed. After positioning yourself closer to your would-be lover, you remember how you rushed to this party without putting on any deodorant, and you are now sweating like there’s no tomorrow.

This is pretty much how Lucie Miller feels in the book Seducing Cinderella, an enticingly sexy and alluring fairy tale that Miss Gina Maxwell has woven. It’s so sexy that several of my cohorts have affirmed their need to take numerous cold showers during our read along.

The book has everything you want in love story: the strong and confident lead male and the woeful, disorganized lead female, both in need of the other to accomplish their desired goals. But their goals become a bit fuzzy as they spend their days and nights together. But, hold on, let me introduce the synopsis. I know you’re anxiously awaiting that part.

Lucie Miller has been burned in the past and finally wants a safe relationship with the “right” kind of man. But her ideal man, a brilliant and kind orthopedic surgeon, sees her as nothing more than a good Physical Therapist. Lucie wants him to desire her as a woman, but he instead seems more interested in her roommate.

Enter Reid Andrews, Lucie’s old childhood flame and best friend to her brother Jackson. He’s an MMA fighter with an injured shoulder and only has a few months to heal before he can reclaim his title. Reid requires intense physical therapy, and Lucie requires intense classes on How to Attract that Orthopedic Surgeon That Doesn’t Know You are Alive Because your Best Friend is Waaaay Hotter than You. Sadly, this is how Lucie feels, and she needs Reid to show her that she is actually one sexy lady underneath all her frumpy clothes and her librarian-like glasses (which, by the way, are a complete turn-on for Reid). A little makeup, a new wardrobe, a hefty dose of confidence, and a few courses on flirting, and Reid transforms Lucie into someone the surgeon is starting to notice.

Unfortunately, Reid thought she was pretty before her transformation; and now the amorous woman she has become is getting to be too much of a temptation, and it seems the temptation is not at all one sided. Who will Lucie want in the end? Will she pick the safe and comfortable life of a surgeon or the unknown, dangerous, and erratic career of an MMA fighter? You’ll just have to read the book ‘cause this little lady isn’t going to tell you! I may not be a flirt, but I’m one heck of a tease.

What I will suggest is to read the book when all is quiet, during a time where you will have no interruptions because I can guarantee you will hate even taking a break from Seducing Cinderella (unless, of course, you need to go take that cold shower 😉

P.S If you need further motivation to read this book, check out the inspiration for Gina’s character, Reid Andrews, below. I guarantee you’ll buy the book after seeing him.

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