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Title: Divinity
Author: Patricia Leever
Genre: YA-Paranormal Romance
Grade/Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Divinity takes place in modern-day Los Angeles, where the demons come out to play even in broad daylight!  No one is safe!  Demon hunter, Evelyn Brighton, works hard to focus on her responsibility; she’s a strongly independent woman, who’s been working for Lebriga Corporation for a long time and knows what it takes to get the job done.  Daniel is a fresh, newbie who from Nevada and comes to Lebriga for a chance to learn.  When he meets his new trainer, Eve, he likes what he sees.  😉

This book is a fabulous read for someone who is looking for a mild, paranormal story with a blossoming, flirtatious romance.  Eve is bold and sassy and isn’t looking for a soul mate; but she can’t deny fate when her tattoo lights up, confirming that her trainee, Daniel, is the one.

If you like to read about women who can defend themselves and can still play with the guys, then Patricia Leever is your go-to girl!  In both her novels, Cat O’ Nine Tails and Divinity, she creates strong females who are extremely brave.  Anyone listening to Beyonce’s “Girls?” 😉  Even the men in her stories are confident enough to let a woman take the lead.  Daniel isn’t a sit-back-and-watch kind of guy; he wants to learn, and he knows Eve is the best at what she does.

In their first missions together, they begin to find a rhythm, and things begin to get ugly, when they realize they have a bigger problem.  Demons are taking over Los Angeles!  For someone who hasn’t read many paranormal stories or any at all, this is a great first read!  If you love romance and want to try something new, add Divinity to your “to-read” list now!  Leever describes the demons in great detail, which helps you imagine them clearly and makes you feel the disgust that the characters have when fighting the grotesque creatures.  Fun right?

We did think a few things were missing from Divinity.  We felt the background of the story could have made the storyline a little bit stronger.  The history of Eve herself and how she got there would have allowed the reader to connect even more with her character.  We hope Leever expands on Evelyn’s past because we really enjoyed her!  It would also be interesting to hear the history of Lebriga and the reasons for the influx of demons.  We are excited to see where the story goes next!  It’s been confirmed that Leever is writing a sequel to Divinity, and we are thrilled to read more about these characters!

Patricia Leever is a wonderful writer!  If you’re interested in reading both of her novels, we definitely recommend you pick up Cat O’ Nine Tails NOW and Divinity, when it releases this coming Tuesday, September 25.  Keep up to date with Patricia Leever via her website and follow her on Twitter and FB! 🙂

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