Vampire Empire: Just in time for Halloween

Posted October 22, 2012 by Rosette in Book Reviews / 6 Comments

I wanted to do a video based on one of my many favorite books.  And it’s just not my favorite, it’s also my husband’s.  It’s actually a trilogy by the husband and wife team,  authors Clay and Susan Griffith. The first book is The Greyfriar, followed by The Riftwalker, and lastly The Kingmakers.  The genre of the novels is Steampunk, which is a sub-genre of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Steampunk has many definitions and one just has to Google,  but the commonalities would include advanced machines based on 19th century technology; it can include supernatural beings; and they can take place in this world or other worlds. “Steampunk is what happens when goths discover brown.” – Jess Nevins
There is so much more to this fairly new literary genre, and I’m not about to go into all the wonderfully engrossing details of it. Suffice to say, it is a world unlike any other.  A place where characters survive on imagination, ingenuity, and really cool outfits.

6 responses to “Vampire Empire: Just in time for Halloween

  1. Rozette…did you make this videos? This trailer? It’s very good. My fav is GWTW myself. Of course there is a million others I love. Do you make trailers? Is that your craft? Thanks for reply. Kim

    • rozette69

      Hi Kim and thanks so much for the comment. Yes I do make video book trailers and love doing them! Very gratifying for me. If you know of authors that need this service let me know! I absolutely love GWTW. I’d love for my daughter to read it one day, but she is only 9 right now LOL.
      So glad you enjoyed the video. You can check out the others on our YT site @

      • Thank you! I just published a book like a week ago. So I have to organize now the market of such novel. I think reviews, interview and book trailer and putting those on my site. Coordination. So maybe you can help me, let’s be in touch over the next week or so. I want to market mine by second week in November for Xmas.

    • rozette69

      Yippeeeee!!! So glad you loved it! And you are correct, the books are phenomenal. I was so sad to see it end with The Kingmakers. I hope there will be another line of books in the works soon. They are wonderful writing duo. If you happen to hear any news about them writing anything new let me know!
      Check out my other vids on our YT site @

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