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Posted November 7, 2012 by Karen in Book Reviews / 55 Comments

Your opinion counts: Katie Ashley is having a difficult time choosing the final cover for The Proposal, the highly anticipated sequel to the The Proposition, which is currently taking the charts by storm.  (The Proposition was released on eBook on October 30, 2012, and is already an Amazon Best Seller at #126)   And since we want Katie to finish writing The Proposal as quickly as possible, why don’t we take this dilemma off of her hands and make the decision for her by popular vote.

You may vote only once for one of the covers shown below. Voting will close at 9:00 AM on Wednesday, November 14, 2012.  All participating voters will be entered into drawing to win one of Katie’s e-books.  There will be four winners.  Winners can choose an e-book of  The Proposition or The Proposal, which is scheduled for release on January 5, 2013, or sooner!  Squeeee!!!

Cover Option 1
Cover Option 2



55 responses to “Cover Vote for Katie Ashley’s The Proposal

  1. lorraine m

    Option1my fab; tender love and closeness. Option2 looks like s happily married couple expecting ; we need The Proposal first..

  2. Tamara Debbaut

    Voted for option 2 😉 Shows soo much love 😀
    And yes pls, add me to the list of competitors for the giveaway

  3. Jess

    They’re both great, but I voted for #2 because they both look so happy. Can’t wait to read The Proposition.

  4. Katie

    The Proposition was amazing and such a beautifully told story. I absolutely cannot wait for The Proposal in January.

  5. Yesi

    Option 1 because it is the same couple from cover of The Proposition and the picture shows a tender moment between a couple in love.. I think the covers should match. The boy in option 2 looks way too young and skinny to be Aidan. I am really excited about The Proposal! 🙂

  6. Number 1 because it has the same models = branding. The second one may seem confusing whereas the first couple shows them more emotionally intimate than book 1 and so it wins in my eyes!

  7. I definitely loved the first book! Can’t wait for the second book! I think the 1st cover is perfect because its the same model as the first book and it talks about Emma’s auburn hair a lot. Can’t wait to see which one is picked !

  8. Azucena D

    Both are great however I love option 1 since it is the same people from the first book. Can’t wait for The Proposal! =)

  9. Susan

    I actually like the first option, because it is similar to the Proposition book. The characters look different in the second option.

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