Review: The Prince by Tiffany Reisz

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Title: The Prince
Author: Tiffany Reisz
Genre: Erotic Fiction
Grade/Rating: 5 out 5

To begin my review of The Prince I have to admit that this series has rocked me beyond anything I ever thought possible and I am still begging for more. Literally. I’m online searching for whatever morsels I can get my greedy little eyes on and it’s still not enough to satisfy this insane craving. Ms. Reisz has become my drug of choice and according to her… she’s just warming up.

The format and style of this book is unlike any I’ve ever seen. We aren’t given chapters; we’re given glimpses of time. These glimpses are so perfectly timed and notated with headers such as North (past or present) and South; I never once lost my train of thought or where I was last left off. The moments flowed so freely through time that I felt there, in every moment, feeling and seeing them as they happened in real time and not some cheesy flashback moment that is lost in the shuffle of life. The North represents our dear Søren and Kingsley and their journey to where it all began while the South gives us back our much craved Nora and Wesley reunion and her trip into a world she never knew existed.

The Prince picks up right where The Angel left us but this time there’s a dark shadow that blankets everything. We begin with an eerie Prologue that reminds us that not all is well in the world of the Sinners and someone is waiting for an opportunity to prove it. We know that Nora’s file was stolen from Kingsley’s office, but who dared to cross that man? Better yet, who could gain from the secrets kept in that simple file? This mysterious shadow finds its way into the weak crevices of our strong and formidable Søren and begins to taunt him with the still unknown secrets of his past. Someone has their target but whom or what the target is, only the shadow knows and will reveal when it’s time.

I was prepared to see Søren and Kingsley, both past and present, and the dynamic and texture of their relationship but was not strong enough to handle those sweet stolen moments and conversations. They nearly broke me and I found myself not only seeing the young beautiful men they once were but falling hard for Kingsley when he bared his heart out of pure love and weakness for Søren. These two men found each other when they least expected it and need it (whether they want to admit it or not), and now are forced to face the past together. This leads me to constantly wonder…where will their relationship be when it’s over? Søren has always been the strong and solid one but it’s here that I see Kingsley take on the role of protector in the hopes of returning to the one place he’s missed the most…kneeling beside Søren.

Søren also took me by a bit of a surprise again (I swear the man just loves to mess with me) and it was in The Prince that I was introduced to yet another side of this puzzling man. I have always seen him as intimidating, intelligent, and enigmatic but it’s here that I see shocking vulnerability, tenderness, and even raw love. I guess to be a polarizing character you have to keep people on their toes …so now tell me what does it mean when he has me on my knees?

In the South we are thrust into a world of love, undying devotion, and even riches that every girl dreams of. And then there stands Nora, smack dab in the middle of it with her mouth open just like the rest of us. Wesley takes her home to show her his world,  who he really is, and while she’s there he has no intentions of ever letting her go. Nora is faced with challenges she’s never been dealt before and surprisingly she handles them as if she belongs there too. Watching these two tackle Wesley’s abrasive father, I found myself feeling, for the first time, that this may be where Nora belongs. Before this Nora felt like she had been born to belong to Søren and here I felt that in Wesley’s strong and protective arms is where she fit. She no longer had a specific role to fill as a Dominatrix or Søren’s “Little One”, she was just the Nora Wesley had seen all along. She let her guard down here and that funny, spunky Nora that we all adore moved right in and rocked Wesley’s world. They shared some of the most cherished moments two people could share and each time they left me breathless and longing for more. Wesley certainly had grown up in the 15 months that separated them and he was determined to show Nora he’s not the kid she once thought he was.

I have been consumed by this world since Chapter 1 of The Siren and I see no need to escape. Ms. Reisz is THE Master of the written word and deserves all the accolades there are to be given! She infects the minds of all those who dare to read beyond their limits and open up their hearts to a world none are prepared to enter nor are willing to leave.

It’s going to be a rough and lonely road to The Mistress release but I will survive if it takes everything I’ve got to give. Just consider me one of those crazy people living in my tent on the sidewalk, with my nose pressed to the Twitter window, consuming whatever she wants to throw at me and begging for more until the momentous day it’s unleashed on the world. The Apocalypse can’t compete with what will happen when that moment is upon us.

*****This book is a complete 5 star and deserves so much more.

6 responses to “Review: The Prince by Tiffany Reisz

  1. Love your review, Elizabeth.

    I loved Kinglsey before this book. After this book, I want to hold him. I want to love him. I want him happy. I’m pretty sure he’d be cool with two of the three things I mentioned above.

    I love this book. It also makes me uncomfortable and I think I’ve finally figured out why after reading your review. Before, all of the characters were with those who we’d all assumed they belonged to. They just…fit. However, after reading The Prince, I’m not sure. I’m not sure if Soren and Nora should be together. I’m not certain that Kingsley should be with Juliette. But I love Soren and Nora together. I adore Kinglsey and Juliette. This worries me. My heart can’t keep taking this!

    The level of love and appreciation that these individuals have for each other is heart wrenching. I’m nearly in tears thinking about what the characters said to each other and thinking about how real it all felt. When the characters were pleading with one another, I was pleading with them. I care for the Sinners and only Tiffany Reisz and her words could have made me do it. She owns me too.

    The best and worst day of The Original Sinners series will be the day that I’m finished reading the last word of the last book.

    (Umm…I guess I really did love the book. Used the word enough times…)

    • Elizabeth

      Thank you Amanda! I’m sure you know just how much I LOVE Tiffany and her cast of Sinners so now all I can hope for is the strength to carry on until The Mistress is published. At least I know if my strength waivers, I have great friends to hold me up and a stash of Sinners to keep me company in the mean time! 😉

  2. wierdlings

    I too just finished the book and am impatiently awaiting for the next installment. I was all over the emotional spectrum with this book and to know there are still 5 more books to come makes me swoon. The tapestry of their story and the way they are interweaving within each other gives it a rich and wonderfully fulfilling world Tiffany pulls us into. All I can say is THANK YOU and we can’t wait to read more!

    • Elizabeth

      I smile even bigger knowing Ms. Reisz has invaded the mind of yet another reader as she’s done to me time and time again. I cannot seem to get enough of her and now her books are top of my Christmas gift list for all my friends! Now all we have to do is stay in one piece until they release The Mistress onto the world and we’ll be all set 😉

  3. lauranodrama

    Elizabeth, I think you successfully summed up my feelings as well.
    Never, have I read a book that was able to provoke such a reaction as the ending of “The Prince” did. I enjoyed how it took us back and forth with Kingsley and Soren. I am actually rooting for them, and Nora with Wesley. Like you, I feel as all others, (authors, book series) ceased to exist.. I want MORE SINNERS.. All her characters, from Micheal, to Soren are well defined in her stories, you feel what the character is feeling. I wish I can scream to those who are so currently hung up on Fifty Shades, This is so much more!!
    Poor Miss Reisz, I harass her frequently about the next book, and amazingly she is always friendly and willing to reach out to her readers. This makes it even more special. She is a mastermind, and very brilliant to have writtten such a wonderful, effrontery, and exceptional series.. Let’s get her to NY times top 5 shall we?? She deserves it!

    • Elizabeth

      Thank you Laura! It makes me incredibly happy to know that not only do other readers feel this way about these characters and stories, but that more and more are finding their way towards this wonderful world Tiffany has created. She is incredibly sweet and deserves throngs of fans ready to devour anything she tosses out and I can only hope her success just continues to grow! I will forever be a devoted reader/pimp for as long as she’ll have me. 🙂

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