Amanda Panda by Deidre

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Amanda Panda
baby this one’s for you!

all the talk of bowties,
Indy’s whips and Scarlett’s sighs
sexual chocolate
and pretty soon…

*passes you a glass of wine*
come on
it’s after noon…

somewhere 😉

you my dear are something else
words can not describe
friend and Lover
a true supporter
your wit is simply divine

just another day for some
not for you
not this one
today is special
want to know why?


aren’t you Surprised!?!?

which reminds me…

Chris Pine

yes, it’s also #PiningforWednesday
so stay tuned
check your twitter
you may just #swoon

i’ll send you lots and lots today
Pine, Fassy, Gandy, and more
men in (and out of) suits, tattoos galore

eye candy baby!

Happy Birthday!

-lover smooches-
from your friend and poetess
and author
and tattooperv
and ReiszFreak

maybe I should stop there 🙂

love you sweets!
wishing you the happiest birthday wishes from

of The Red Velvet Chair


2 responses to “Amanda Panda by Deidre

  1. Deidre, you’ve made me laugh! And there’s a Panda! Thank you so much for the birthday poem. I love it!

    ~ Amanda

    (In hindsight, I probably don’t need to add the squiggle and my name, but I’m gonna do it anyway.)

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