Happiness is….. By Mirabella for Amanda

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Happiness is…
Summer days lying in the sun, warming
Crashing ocean waves breaking, calming
Sand between your toes, wiggling
Cloudless skies azure blue, endlessly expanding
Porch swings swaying and creaking, kicking
Glasses of lemonade on a scorching summer day, refreshing
Long walks down country roads, meandering
Fireflies caught in mason jars, lighting
Midnight swims on hot summer nights, cooling
Rainbows filling the sky after a thunderstorm, arcing
All night long conversations, never-ending
Steaming hot showers, draining the water heater, sudsing
Stargazing in a grassy field, stars shooting, wishing
Standing in a misting rain shower, twirling
Sappy romantic movies, striking a chord, crying
Arranging a bouquet of fresh picked flowers, inhaling
Kitchens full of simmering, baking smells, home-cooking
Good books you just can’t put down, engrossing
Snuggly favorite sweaters that fitting just so, hugging
Hot chocolate with whipped cream on your nose, frosting
Roaring fires heating chilled hands, crackling
Down blankets on winter mornings, burrowing
Snuggling with special someone until sleep finds you, holding
Comforting hugs when you need them most, embracing
Unexpected kisses on your neck, nuzzling
Texts from him saying he’s thinking about you, smiley winking
Your favorite song on the car stereo, singing
Children’s laughter, silly nonsensical things, echoing
Indulging, eating the last piece of cake, icing
Kittens purring and puppies licking, adoring
Escaped balloons, free-floating into infinity, flying
A poem for your birthday, written just for you, celebrating

Copyright M.B. 2012

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2 responses to “Happiness is….. By Mirabella for Amanda

    • please love have a gloriously day! I would also offer I hope it’s full of wickedness…but that’s just the kind of girl i am 🙂 enjoy this day … and all the love coming your way 🙂 always, Bells

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