Review: Flat-Out Love by Jessica Parks

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Flat-Out LoveTitle:        Flat-Out Love
Author:   Jessica Park
Genre:    Young Adult
Rating:    5 out of 5 Stars


If you haven’t heard about Flat-Out Love or seen the awesome cover…WHY NOT!? Haha…but seriously you HAVE to check out this book. I saw it everywhere and it kept popping up on my recommendations and thank goodness because when I purchased it and started reading, I couldn’t get enough of it. Julie Seagle is a college freshman who like a lot of young adults moves away from home for a fun and interesting college life. The first day she gets to Boston she is excited to be living in a nice neighborhood and be on her own. Boy was she wrong! Once she gets there she realizes the place (found through Craigslist) her mother left payments for is actually a burrito restaurant. Yep, you read correctly, a burrito restaurant. After that big hiccup her mom makes arrangements for her to stay with her old college roommate and her family, the Watkins.

Erin and Roger Watkins have three wonderful kids that capture Julie’s heart instantly. The youngest child, Celeste, is a precocious 13-year-old who carries a life-size cutout of her brother Finn (who happens to be traveling the world) everywhere she goes. Little odd but we like it! 😉 Matt is the adorable “geek” who grows to be one of Julie’s best friends and happens to sport the BEST shirts! Then there’s Finn, the oldest, who loves to live life to the fullest and entertains Julie with his witty Facebook dates…err chats. Things get a little off-beat when Julie starts to ask questions that no one will answer. Still…very odd but now we’re all intrigued RIGHT? To find out what the Watkins family is keeping under wraps…you must read the book! You won’t be disappointed!

I recommend when reading this book, stopping by your nearest Dunkin’ Donuts and ordering a “Coolatta”. If not, don’t worry because you’ll be craving one during reading or after you’re done. I know I sure did! 😉 Flat-Out Love is a perfect Christmas Read and I’ve included it in our week of recommendations that feature the holiday in it. Not only is this book entertaining and clever, it’s a great telling of how important family is and how wonderful it is to spend those moments with the ones you love most. I would consider this book to be terrific for those young adults (around Julie’s age) but even great for parents! I know you’re probably thinking a book my teen and I can read together? Yes and when you read it you’ll realize why.

As an added bonus Jessica Park has teamed up with DigiGlyph to create an incredibly cool, interactive Flat-Out Love app which plays the book with images.  There are “slideshows and videos [that] set the scene, subtly accompanying what you’re currently reading”. Reminds me of a movie you can control! How genius is that! PLUS you will be able to discuss the book with Jessica (while reading) and share your favorite quotes via Facebook & Twitter!  🙂

Jessica Park is a wonderful writer and I can’t wait to read more of her work. I’m so thankful I came across this book because the ending made me incredibly happy. WARNING: you may need to add tissues to your wish list if you’re going to read it soon! And I hope you all do! Merry Christmas! 🙂



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