Lovers Month Guest Post: Darwin Blake

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So…I have as you can tell been asked to write something for the LLL.

I’m going to talk about emotions.

Love Vs Hate.

In the red corner.


The master of smiles.

The smasher of fear.

The one the only.

True hero!

And in the blue corner.


The destroyer of dreams.

The darkness inside.

The fear that makes the darkness shake.

Love/ləv/NounAn intense feeling of deep affection: “their love for their country”.

VerbFeel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to (someone):  “do you love me?”.

Synonymsnoun.  affection – fondness – darling – – be fond of – fancy – adore

So, love is in the air they say…
Love is all around…
Love, love,love…
Love to love you baby…

What do these things make you think of?

Happiness, delight, pleasure?

The union of two people.
The sun on your face.
An unexpected gift.
Somebody going that extra mile.
Bringing you something when you are ill.
Sharing and caring.
All these things and more make me think of love.
A romantic gesture, that scene in a book or film that melts your heart.

Gabriels Inferno is a perfect example.
You have two people so in love it hurts.
Though for the most part they have no idea of how much…well at least Gabriel.
He yearns for the woman he only knows a Beatrice. His Muse.
His one. The one he has been…waiting for all his life.
Though he has not been faithful to her body completely, he has never forgotten her in his heart.

The frightened rabbit, Juliana on the other hand has never forgotten. That night. The photo she stole.
The way he looked at her and spoke to her must have bitten a hole through her soul.
Made her bleed tears for her lost love.
I can’t lie. It’s making me sad just thinking about it…
Le Sigh as a friend says.
But when he realised she was his lost love…oh my days did I smile.
My heart leaped and I punched the air.
True love isn’t about sex or kissing or holding somebody all night.
Well…not just that but about friendships.
Your closest friends or those you have never met…true friendship and love come hand in hand.
That can never be beaten.
I know this…

So…on to the flip side of the coin.
The dark side of the force…oh and before I continue on that thought.
Luke…she was your sister.
You didn’t even flinch when Ben told you! Jesus man!


Hate /hāt/Verb

Feel intense or passionate dislike for (someone):  “the boys hate each other”.NounIntense or passionate dislike:  “feelings of hate”.

Synonymsverb.  detest – abhor – loathe – abominate – execrate – dislikenoun.  hatred – odium – abhorrence – detestation – loathing

Darkness and fear.
I know all about this…too well.
I remind myself of dark days.
Of a young Darwin…what a handsome young man 😉
Of mis spent days and nights.
Of feeling invincible…
Back then I felt fear, not often but the rage and hate bubbled deep inside of me and begged to be released. To hurt, to cause mental and physical pain to others.
To upset those closest to me…
I have, though hard to imagine…because I am really a nice chap…been hated.
Those who hated me felt compelled to cause misery and suffering.
But I look out of the window and I look to the television.
My hate and the hate felt toward me is but a pathetic excuse to use up an emotion.
Hate is much more.
Hate is war and famine.
Hate is rape and murder.
Hate is theft and assault.
Hate is looking down upon somebody less fortunate.
Hate is the bubbling rage that consumes those who allow it.
Who let the darkness take over.

I refer back to Gabriels Inferno again…
Simon, the ex boyfriend.
When I read what he was doing, when I read of the hurt and pain he was causing, the embarrassment and suffering!
I gritted my teeth and swore that if Gabriel didn’t kick his ass in the next page I would throw the damn book in the bin!


Words caused me to hate.
To wish pain and suffering upon another.
But in this case…rightfully deserved.
And some people get anger and hate confused. Anger is the precursor to hate. It is a catalyst. Hate is the undying need to cause harm, suffering and pain.

As I am a romantic…Love will always prevail.
Hate and those who hate will be put down.

Love is all around…

You can see more from Darwin Blake on his blog.

5 responses to “Lovers Month Guest Post: Darwin Blake

  1. Dearest Mr. Blake I really enjoyed reading this….and agree greatly with your views! Loved the reference to the Gabriel’s Series. Thanks LLL xox

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