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On the night of February 10, 2013, Matthew Corn passed away in a tragic accident. It’s impossible to sum up the life and vibrant personality of one person in a few short sentences. To say Matt will be missed is an understatement of gross proportions.

He was a loving husband and devoted father, quick to give his family everything they needed and more. Matt moved from Pittsburgh to Savannah with his wife, Daniele, to work at Gulfstream. Here they had three children: Ben, 5, Andrew, 2, and Lily, 1. He was a hard worker, always giving one hundred and ten percent to his job, but never missed the chance to joke. He was known for being obsessively organized and neat. If you wanted to see him panic, all you had to do was move his tools out of order or get his Jeep dirty. Matt was an avid Pittsburg Steelers fan and Pittsburg Penguins fan, more than willing to go nose to nose for his favorite teams. He loved the outdoors and off-road ramp competitions. He spent time fishing and hunting with his children, eager to instill in them his love of nature. His friends knew him as a person that would drop everything if you needed help.

Now it’s our turn to help. Daniele and his children need us. With the generous donations of these wonderful authors, we hope to raise money for the Corn family to help with medical and living expenses. His loss has left a hole in the hearts of his family and friends that will never be filled, but it is our sincere wish that this auction will ease some of the burdens they face.


This auction event is being arranged and orchestrated by one of the participating authors, a close personal friend of the Corn family. All items available for bid are donated by the authors. 100% of the funds raised through the auction and donated to the general fund will be forwarded directly to the Corn family.

The website is currently under construction in preparation for the event, and should be complete no later than Wednesday, February 20. The aucution will open on Friday, February 22, and will run through Friday, March 15. Please see the Auction Rules page for more information.

Books written by: Book updates are on going.

Fisher Amelie
A.K. Alexander
Steph Campbell
Georgia Cates
Courtney Cole
Rebecca Donovan
Lila Felix
Tracey Garvis Graves
Kendall Grey
Abbi Glines
Heather Hildenbrand
Colleen Hoover
Elizabeth Hunter
Michelle Leighton
EL James
Tiffany King
Killian McRae
Jamie McGuire
Addismon Moore
Teresa Mummert
Stephanie Nelson
Jessica Parks
Tina Reber
Laura Bradley Rede
Liz Reinhardt
Elizabeth Reyes
Sarah M. Ross
Angie Stanton
Michele Scott
KA Tucker
Nicole Williams
Tamara Webber
Samantha Young

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