Lovers Month Poem: My Daughters Hand by D.E. Brooks

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My Daughters Hand

seen the first time

in black and white

grainy image

behind your hand you hide

thumb in mouth

already so soon

seeking comfort

from in the womb

next time seen

in living color

flailing wildly

tiny fist opening

reaching out

holding tight

so much strength

so much fight

even today

your hand so small

five years young

prints on the wall

leaving your mark

with paint and words

learning to write

stories and poems

reaching out for comfort

sharing your joy

pulling me along

to show me your toy

hand in hand

walking the beach

into the water

for the shell you reach

you hold my heart

in your tiny hand

from the time you were no bigger

than that grain of sand

for my sweet L.

I love you.

c.2013 D.E.Brooks

You may find more works from D.E. Brooks on her blog, The Red Velvet Chair.

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