Lovers Month Poem and Giveaway: Remembrance of Love by PJ Bayliss

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Remembrance of Love

Could you recall a better time?
when laughter spilt like red wine,
the flowers bloomed on our table,
holding each other whenever able.

Could you imagine better days?
rolling amidst summer hay,
gentle kisses upon the beach,
>never being too far from reach.

Would you relive those late nights?
your eyes lighting up upon sight,
midnight air thick with romance,
heels softly clicked as we danced.

Can you remember all the gifts?
if they were received with a kiss,
were they ever your most wanted,
or even make your heart grow fonder.

Will you remember times of love?
when neither could give enough,
frantic pleasure amidst the zest,
when every time became the best.

Will you remember days of past?
when our love will forever last,
cherished moments when we’re old,
our souls warmed up from bitter cold.

About the Author

PJ Bayliss

I live in New Zealand within an idyllic countryside setting with my family, a few pets, and livestock. I use the pen-name PJ Bayliss to ensure my personal details are kept as confidential as possible while writing sensual poems & sexually orientated  short stories.

All works I produce should be considered as fictional.

Get to know P.J. Bayliss better by visiting his blog, or by following him on Twitter at @YrMonAmi

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