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10 Things I Love About the Bent Cast (two at a time)

~ Julia ~

  • She doesn’t roll over and let love dictate her life. A lot of people have commented about her being a runner, but I’m not sure I totally agree with that. She didn’t just run because she was scared. She ran because she had a plan for her life, she was sick of living for others, and wasn’t willing to throw that away.
  • She learned to forgive. Having your heart ripped out sucks, no two ways about it. Yes, Julia had a perfectly justified reason to never forgive Micah, but she was able to look at it and forgive him for being a stupid, immature kid. Too quickly? Maybe. But there’s a draw to first love that can’t be denied.

~ Micah ~

  • He’s lived with his decisions. He screwed up plenty when he was a teenager. He slept around, he lied about it and he broke his high school sweetheart’s heart. And every day since then, he’s lived with his choices. He hasn’t allowed that to break him and works to fix it when he’s given the chance.
  • He’s a good dad. It would have been easy to write him as a disconnected, absent parent. After all, Caleb wasn’t planned and his conception wound up screwing up a good thing for Micah and Julia. But he stuck by, right or wrong, to raise his son and he’s an active parent trying to keep Caleb from making the same mistakes.

 ~ Caleb ~

  • He’s real to me. When I was writing, there were times I would call a friend of mine who has a son Caleb’s age (and you’ll hear more about this “friend” in another blog post soon) to see how he would have reacted to certain situations. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t writing Caleb as an accessory character.
  • He speaks his mind. Like so many kids, he has no filter on his words. This created tension between him and his dad and a great bond between him and Julia.

~ Annie ~

  • She’s blunt. Now that Julia’s home, she has no problem telling her how it is. Having friends who are always in your corner is one thing, but having a friend who will smack you when you screw up is priceless.
  • She’s stuck in the middle. Having grown up in a small town, nothing is every black and white. She finds herself stuck between her childhood BFF (who’s been gone for over a decade) and her friend’s ex, who has been in town the whole time.

~ Adam ~

  • He’s a protective brother. Now that she’s back, Adam is trying to make sure Julia is safe; emotionally as well as physically. That means his loyalties are tested because he’s gotten close to Micah in the time that Julia has been gone.
  • He wants everyone to be happy. You’ll learn more about this side of his personality in Breaking the Rules (early summer release) but Adam works to make sure the ladies in his life are content, even when it means he’s frustrated.


If there’s one thing Julia Wilson has learned in life, it’s that you can’t push your own dreams to the background for anyone. Newly divorced, Julia returns to the hometown she once swore would never see her again. Her plan is simple; enjoy the cheap rent her friend is offering and stay just long enough to develop a plan to make her own dreams come true.

It doesn’t take long before Julia realizes she’s made a big mistake.

Micah Anderson came closer to breaking Julia than anyone else ever had. After promising her forever, he broke her heart the week before she left for college. Now, Julia’s back in town and he’s going to have to tell her the truth about why he left her. It’s not possible to hide a twelve year old child when you live in a town of 5,000 people.

Is following your dreams worth it if it means giving up on a second chance with her first love? Is trying to make a relationship work worth it if his past becomes a threat to her safety?


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