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Title: Temptation Unleashed

Author: Kari Thomas

Rating: 3.75 out of 5 Stars

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Samhain Publishing


Something wild this way comes. Once a powerful, practicing Wiccan, Kira Douglas has reluctantly moved to wild and beautiful Sedona, Arizona for only one reason-assume custody of her dead sister’s daughter. She immediately runs into an obstacle. The child’s uncle, the disturbingly sexy Aiden Calhoun, refuses to give her up. Aiden has good reason for not allowing Kira custody of his precious niece. The child is half witch, half shapeshifter. Allowing her to take the girl could expose the family’s shapeshifting secret he has spent a lifetime protecting. Their instant attraction isn’t just an inconvenient temptation. It could put his entire family in danger. But an evil force is re-emerging, bent on destroying everything they know and love. The only way to survive is to put all differences aside. And overcome the nightmare that once broke Kira’s faith. This title has been revised and expanded from its previously published version. Warning: This book contains explicit, howling-under-the-desert-moon love scenes and some wash-your-mouth-out-with-soap language.


He released her chin and his hand made a slow caressing sweep down her throat. “I knew that if I brought you in here, decency would force me to keep my hands off you.” He smiled wickedly at her look of surprise. “I have to say I wanted to strangle you when you started canting that spell over Riana. Then, afterward, when I took Riana to her room, she told me that she had felt you take her pain into your own body. I couldn’t think straight after that. Guess I acted on instinct when I brought you here.”
She knew she shouldn’t ask. “Instinct?”
A low growl started up from his chest and rumbled out past his sensuous lips.
“Strangling you was the last thing on my mind. Then.” He sat down on the bed beside her and grasped her shoulders before she could move back. “I came back down those stairs with every intention, every instinct screaming at me to grab you off that floor and kiss you senseless. That, and…”
He took a deep breath, releasing it on a rough sigh. “But then I saw you sitting there, so exhausted you were near tipping over, and I knew that touching you, that way, wasn’t the smartest instinct I’d ever had.” He reached up and clasped a handful of her hair in his hand, bunching it tight and holding her head still. “Hell, sweetheart. When I do take you in my arms—to do more than just kiss you—it’s not going to be at a time when you’re too exhausted to participate.”
Kira was breathless, too speechless to respond.
He didn’t give her a chance, anyway. Before she could even attempt a protest, Aiden swooped in. Dark eyes glinting with silver fire, he leaned in and claimed her lips in a scorching kiss. Hot, hard, aggressive, his lips slanted over hers with a passionate force that drove her backwards and she opened her mouth in a gasp of shock. He took advantage, his tongue lunging into the wet recesses of her mouth while his hand tightened in her hair, snaring her, keeping her from moving. She’d never been kissed so savagely, so possessively. It shook her to her toes. She wanted to push him away.
She needed to think.
Ha! She just needed to breathe.


In the book Temptation Unleashed by Kari Thomas, the Red Rock Country of central Arizona is a place of magical power, and there on that sacred land resides a race of animal shifters. They are a secretive lot who would rather live apart from the mundane world than in it, as most prefer their animal forms to that of their human ones. Life is good for them and their families; they have enough land to live on, and it’s rugged, natural protection keeps their secrets–that was until one of their number, a member of the leading family, decided to fall in love and marry a witch. Now their entire clan is reeling from the murder-suicide of the witch and her husband. A murder-suicide would be devastating in any community but here the witch used black magic to kill her husband, the shifter, and herself. Evil has come to the sacred land of Sedona, not just a sleepy tourist town, but one of great spiritual properties and a majestic beauty. The couple has left behind a beautiful little daughter, one who the shifters will do anything to protect from the evil that now taints the area.

Enter the sister of the witch, Kira Douglas, a transplant from Louisiana. She has moved to Sedona for one purpose–to gain custody of her estranged sister’s daughter. Kira does have local family; her uncle is a doctor, and his daughter owns a local magic shop. Well the leader of the shifters, Aidan Calhoun, and the brother of the victim might have a thing or twenty to say about that. He hates and fears magic, even more so that the black variety took his brother’s life. Plus, he has secrets to protect and no “little witch” is going to get in the way of him protecting them. This sets the backdrop to a tale of a family drama with paranormal elements.

I grew up in Arizona and spent years hiking and traveling around the Sedona area. Yes, I can believe that an entire group of people could hide in the area without being discovered. The terrain around Sedona is vast, and anything could hide in plain sight. The story premise was engaging and fun, but knowing who the bad guy was from the beginning made this more of a family drama romance than a paranormal book. I wish the author would have delved deeper into the shifter community, because as a reader, I never really got a sense of how large the community was. The book had an interesting plot line, but I wish Ms. Thomas would have expanded on it more. The hatred of magic by Aiden, the hero of the story, was a little hard to believe… the dude is magic. He is just using magic as an excuse to keep the child in his custody and keep the family secrets, and to an extent, to protect his heart.

The characters were likable, and it was an enjoyable book; I do recommend it

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Author Bio:
Kari Thomas is a multi-published author, writing in the Paranormal Romance genre with 9 published books and 4 Shorts. She loves ALL the Romance genres –so she readily admits to being a Book-A-Holic that cant stop buying books!

With a Pirate gg-grandfather, a Royal Coat of Arms, several Psychics, and a Wiccan or two, her family background provides her with alot of Plot ideas!

Where to find Kari

Website | Goodreads | Facebook

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