The Importance of Keeping Things Fun in a Relationship by Gina Maxwell

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Ah, love. The heart-pounding romance, the wild sex, the decision to be together forever and then…what?

I find it heartbreaking when once happy couples decide to call things off because they’ve lost that “spark”. It’s especially painful when you see couples that have been together for what seems like forever slowly drift apart when you thought they would be the ones to make it. I think to myself, “where’ did their magic go” and it makes the wheels in my head start spinning. What it is that causes happy couples to simple fizzle out?

Well, I’m no Dr. Phil ( nor would I want to be because I enjoy having a full head of hair, thank you very much ) and of course, I don’t have all the answers, but I am a romance novelist so I may have an inside track on a trick or two.

My advice? Have. Fun. Laughter is such a powerful aphrodisiac. I personally love to laugh. Have you ever met anyone who didn’t love to laugh? Instead of fancy dinners and drinks for your date night, grab a sixer – that’s a six pack of beer for people not from the Midwest :0) – and play miniature golf. Go out to a bar and play darts. Bet clothing on games of pool and the loser pays up as soon as they hit the front door. It’s a wonderful way to get to know each other again and more than a few laughs can often lead to more than a few kisses, which can lead to…censored things.

When I was trying to coax my heroine Vanessa out of her comfortable little quiet box, I utilized this tactic. As first, I wasn’t sure how well she would respond to my hero, Jax’s notion of playing a get-to-know-you-game, but the result of this venture ended up being one of the steamiest scenes in Rules of Entanglement. Anyone up for BS Body Shots? Hope you can handle your Patron.


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