Drifting in to paradise. by Darwin Blake

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A special gift from Mr. Darwin Blake on Poetry Wednesday. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. ~The Lovers

Drifting to paradise.
by Darwin Blake

My mind wanders with sweet delight.
My dreams filled of only you.
My fingers dip beneath the elastic of my shorts.
I feel myself rise.
I think of you.
Stood before me.
Telling me how and when to touch. Commanding me to release the pressure.
Smiling wickedly and telling me to grip harder.
My breathing shallows.
A deep urge builds.
Not quite yet you say to me.
To help prolong the thrill.
Hot to touch now.
Can’t hold back.
Yes you say.
The time had come
I release.
And then some!
A shudder washes over me.
And knowing that you’re there.
Clench for me.
I slowly let it out.
A moan so deep, it hurts my throat.
And sated is my need.
My hunger is no longer.
My need is quenched again.
My eyes closed tight.
My breathing slows.
I know not what my body does as I drift in to paradise.

Young Gandy DB Poem

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2 responses to “Drifting in to paradise. by Darwin Blake

  1. Ali g

    Oh my (blushes ) that was ahem .. Quite stimulating , I’m exhausted from watching ! As always Mr Blake take a bow and bravo !!!!

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