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Title: Saudade
Author: B.L. Ronan
Genre: Poetry
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Published: May 11, 2013

~Synopsis ~

Saudade is a collection of poetry that recounts my journey of healing through the art of prose. walk with me, as i overcome hurt, anger, and a sense of incompleteness only to find hope, love, and acceptance. +18 due to erotic and bdsm themes.

~Karen’s Review ~

Poetry is the soul of the author laid bare for all to see. If you write fiction, you can hide behind a character, but with poetry there is nowhere for the true poet to hide who they are or what they feel. This is the difference between being a poet and writing poetry and B.L.Ronan is a poet.  As an author, she has taken me on a journey that made me cry, squirm, shutter, stop breathing, and sigh, as her poems run the gamut from deeply heartbreaking to sexually alluring.  These are not poems for the faint of heart, these are raw, real, soul-ripping prose whose imagery sucked me in, made me feel and experience every emotion that Ronan wrote.

I loved that she gave me, the reader, multiple perspectives of situations that I may never experience personally, but because of her writing, I now have.  Her poetry and prose ripped a hole in my heart, which she also filled with so much beautiful language and imagery. The poems run the gamut from despair and heartache to those of self-awakening and sexual sensuality.  The poems that deal with sexual situations invoke the emotions of not just those portrayed in the poems, but also from the reader.  I have been loved tenderly with reverence. I have been bound and willingly submitted because of these poems. I have also been a dominate,taking loving care of the submissive under my hands. Every emotion in a human’s life poet Ronan has masterfully dealt with the good, the bad, the ugly,  and the blissful.  Ronan tells a story in a poem with as much detail and nuance as some authors do with an entire novel. If you want to be knocked on you behind by words, then read Saudade by  B.L. Ronan.

The works like Whole, Fine, Mess, Hope, and Steps in the first part of the book shattered my heart and brought me to tears. Sobs racked my chest and it was hard to see my eReader to continue. I am not a crier, which needs to me noted, so when a book brings me to tears or rips into my soul, it is something profound. I was on a journey with this author–a journey of discovery through her words which invoked a mess of feelings inside of me.

The book continues with powerful poems, heart wrenching poems until you come upon Until YouUntil You  is by far my favorite of all the poems; it sang to my soul. It is beyond brilliant in imparting the revelation of hope that is found within the words and the poet. With Until You the tone of the poems change from ones of a caterpillar who has had a very hard life, to those of a vibrant butterfly, spreading her wings and taking chances with her heart and her life. Not a perfect world, not a road traveled by all, but a journey begun in earnest to discover who one can become. The poem Inspired sums it up with the line

“the very essence of my broken but healing soul.”

Then there are the poems and prose of carnal delight, the exploration of sexual pleasure that made me squirm and have to stop reading in order to breathe.  There are many sensual delights in Saudade but Seduction: mind, body, heart and soul, stuck with me, as in enraptured me as the reader in the seduction.  I felt pulled into the piece so that I was experiencing the hot, pulsing desire of the words. But this is the case with all the poems in the book. B.L. Ronan, is a master story-teller, and she captured my heart and imagination with her words. I am a better person for having read this wonderful word.

~About the Author ~

hi. my name is b.
i am a lover of words.
i am a poet.
i sometimes dabble in fiction.

join me on my journey in prose ranging from the heart breaking to the erotic.
mature readers only.

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