“Come for Me”

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Hmmmm.. three little words “Come for Me”, that line is uttered by twenty first century Billionaires, Renaissance men, Regency period men, Elizabethan Men, Vampires, Demons, Shapshifters, Prize Fighters, Motorcycle Gang Members, add some Millionaires, Race Car Drives, Military Men, sprinkle into the mix some Rockers, Werewolves, Highlanders, Victorian Rogues, Drug Trafficking Bad Boys, Steampunk Heroes and every book boyfriend imaginable. Even the local UPS man, if he had his own book, would utter the line “Come for Me”, to the lady he was bedding; because ALL men use that line; they have to as it seems every romance writer has added to their repertoire of ‘lines alpha males must say in books’. I am not asking for a pole or anything, but really do men say ‘Come for Me’; or is it something we woman want to hear. It has become a catch phrase of the ‘uber alpha male book’, as the dude can’t be dominate enough, he also has to time the female characters orgasm. What it is Pavlovian response for sex? Do these romance writer have a workshop, of what all the males are saying in bed. I honestly don’t believe real dudes can talk and copulate at the same time. Doesn’t talking require higher brain function, and we all know that higher brain function has nothing to do with a man and sex. This is why these books are read so eagerly. I buy enough of the them 🙂 **Waggles Eyebrows** It’s because we want to step out of our comfort zone to experience the fantasy, such orgasm on demand with those three little words. Because if their is an orgasm on demand school, I need to get on the ‘how to list’ for my hubby. Thank goodness he doesn’t read my blog or his head would have just exploded. I would have to be picking pieces of brain matter of wordpress, and that would be a mess so Shhh…… Now back to my point, there are some giggle worthy phrases that seem dominate romance books, and I am going to list a few. They maybe giggle worthy only to me as, when you read 4-5 books a week you tend to see patterns. Well, you have already been exposed to ‘Come for Me’

‘You’re so tight”, really? what is the guy supposed to say, your vagina is so loose it’s flapping in the wind. I guess tightness, shows that the heroines intimate area is still virginal; Virgin, the virginal frontier,  where no man has gone before. ***Cue Star Trek Theme Song***  Guess that make the heroine feel good that she hasn’t been stretched to the point of no return.

“You’re So Wet” Hmmm, the line is never “Maybe you need some lube, honey?” “Is that sandpaper I am rubbing up against?” “Do you really want to do this?” No the girl is always wet, even if the characters are in the shower together, she is still wet; well duh.

“Mine” “I own you.” What is it about the dude needing to possess ever aspect of the woman. “This is mine”, as he grabs her crotch.” My reply “Hey buddy next time I have to go to the Gyno, you can go for me.” “Since it is yours, could you give me one of those orgasms on demand and make it snappy.”

“F**k” Said after the billionaire et.al hero comes. See men can’t talk and think at the same time. Or are they actually asking if the heroine wants to go again, as in F**k? Cause darn his recovery time is great! Whoot Hoot!

Maybe “Come for Me” needs to be a book title. Hee Hee

Well, I think that is all I have off the top of my perverted brain. If you have anymore just comment below. I would love to hear from you.


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  1. Sandy

    Not sure how to answer the above…because they are all questions …without a yes or no option….but I can assure you that my lover aka as hubby..has never uttered any of the above….and if he did say F**k after we finished, there had to have been a problem…*snort*

  2. What a little treat of a post on a Sunday — you made me smile! I remember years ago in a home design forum complaining about the gorgeous, pristine, unlived-in photos members would post of their homes (presumably). I wrote something the effect that it made me not want to share any pics because I have neither the time nor interest to go through that amount of clearing out my family’s life / cleaning just to take a picture. This one member (a bachelor with no pets — so the only stuff in his house was HIS, not his kids’, his partner’s, his pets’, etc.) took me to great task saying no one wanted to see my laundry — good to know, jackass. The point was, I get the aspirational quality, but I also get the whole “is it just me who doesn’t adhere to standard x?” And no, it turns out that in most aspects of my life I am not alone, nor are you in your musings and experience(s) with your husband. Glad you made the time to write this for I enjoyed it!

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