Review: Hunted Warrior by Lindsey Piper

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Review: Hunted Warrior by Lindsey PiperHunted Warrior by Lindsey Piper
Published by Pocket Books on April 28th 2015
Genres: Romance, Urban
Pages: 368
Format: ARC
ISBN: 0349403058

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Demonic gladiators, ruthless mafia villains, and a race on the brink of distinction: What will become of them? One proud leader wields his power to unlock dark mysteries in the third book in this fierce, sensual new paranormal romance series.

When the head of the Five Clans of the Dragon Kings wants something, he gets it. Raised among the most privileged of his dying race, Malnefoley conceals a devastating tragedy from his youth. Now, many call him the Usurper because of his unconventional rise to power. His influence is waning while the Dragon Kings must solve the puzzle of their slow extinction. So when a particularly important captive escapes his compound in the Greek mountains, Malnefoley leaves nothing to chance. She is his prisoner to retrieve.

The woman is known as the Pet, a former associate of a sadistic doctor from the Asters, a human crime cartel. Her loyalties cannot be trusted, even when she claims to hold the secret to conception—an invaluable secret for a race unable to procreate. Neither can her unique gift from the Great Dragon be believed. She’s a soothsayer, able to see glimpses of the future. Her quest is to find and save a Cage warrior on the verge of her first match—a young woman whose destiny is bound to a timeless prophecy.

Malnefoley has no respect for the ancient superstitions that brought about his childhood trauma. His only goal is to return the Pet to his compound and use her knowledge for the betterment of their people. Yet her restless energy and raw sensuality are as intriguing as her predictions about the rise of the Great Dragon. He dares not trust the crafty fugitive’s loyalties, but as their treacherous chase turns passionate, can he even trust himself?

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Review by Karen

I have been reading The Dragon Kings series by Lindsey Piper since I first got an email from Amazon about a new release with Caged Warrior and I was blown away by Piper’s the world building.  I new immediately that I would stick with this series, no matter what.  I found out that I had missed the first entry into the world with Silent Warrior, so I immediately bought and read that novella.  I was glad I did read it the way I did, or I would have know too much about the series, and the characters of Silence and Hark.  Then came book two Blood Warrior, the tale of Tallis the Heretic and the Sun Goddess.  Ms. Piper was able to propel the mythos of her world forward with each of these installments.  Now comes the current installment in the series.  The Hunted Warrior, is the story of the Pet and Malnefoley of Tigon, the Honorable Giva; the leader of The Dragon Kings, who were both minor characters in Caged Warrior.

Whoops, I forgot to get you up to speed on the Dragon Kings as a race.

Oh,  you haven’t read the Dragon King novels?  Then let me back up a step or two. The Dragon King paranormal novels center around five clans of the dragon king. The dragon kings are descendants of the  Great Dragon. No, they aren’t actually dragons, but they are supernatural beings with extraordinary powers. There are five clans, Pendray, Tigony, Sath, Indranan, and Garnis and each have their own unique abilities. These beings look human and can blend and exist within our human society. Also each clans lineage and history have become part of worlds mythos. The clans are broken up by regions and the powers they posses.

Tigony, of the Mediterranean region, would be the Greek gods and goddess and the Roman and Greek mythos that surrounds that region of the world.  The Tigony control electricity, i.e. Zeus’s lighting bolts.

The Indranan clan centered in the Asian Pacific, and gave rise to the mythos of that region. The Indranan control the mind, and they are telepathic, but they have a violent past. Each Indrana is born a twin and they believe that in order to get their full dragon gift of telepathy they must kill their twin. So as soon as they come into their power usually during adolescence, they hide from each other.

The Sath is the clan most closely associated with the Middle East and would have influenced that region’s religion and mythos. The Sath, dragon gift is mimicry, they are seen as thieves by other clans.

The Pendray are the clan that influenced the Norse, and Celtic myths of Valhalla, and the Ulster traditions of myths. The Pendray are known for their fighting ability, the mythos of the berserker is most closely related to them. They are seen are little more than animals.

The last Clan is Garnis they are so few in number that they are known as the lost, not much is remembered about them. These are the five clans of the Dragon King that have guided and developed civilizations, up until the present. But now they are a people on the brink of extinction because they can no longer bear children.

Okay I think I have caught you up.  The Pet is a woman who was held captive by one of the the human cartels that supposedly have the answer to the Dragon Kings conception problem. The make the Dragon Kings fight in blood sports to be granted the right to the pregnancy ‘miracle’, that they hold.   Her story is one of sacrifice and learning to live with the choices we make.  In this book she encounters the Honorable Giva, Malnefoley, he sees being the Dragon Kings leader as a cross he must bear.  He would rather be anything else, and in part he is a spoiled entitled jerk.  The book delves into fate, and destiny versus freewill, and let’s just say that Malnefoley is none to happy with fate.  He is a mercurial ass at the beginning of the book.  He maybe a leader but he does not know how to lead.  There is a lot of back and forth with these two characters, at some points I really wanted to hit Malenfoley with some brass knuckles.  Like the old saying he is the horse and the Pet can lead him to water, but will he drink, not if the ass can help it.  This is a book that involves two strong characters that go toe to toe with each other, to save their race.

Note this book was provided by publisher, put I had already pre-ordered the ecopy and that is what I read.  Very good book and series.  Also Fire Warrior is available for pre-order it is prices at 99 cents so I guess it will be a novella.


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