Takeover The Complete Series by Lana Grayson

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Takeover ~ The Complete Series ~ by Lana Grayson

~ Synopsis ~

My greatest enemies demand that I give them an heir…

When billionaire brothers Nicholas, Max, and Reed Bennett capture me, I’m at the mercy of their dark and twisted desires. These three dominant men crave my ultimate submission.

They want an heir. My heir. A baby to unite our powerful families.

And they’ll take me, share me, and pleasure me until I’ve given them what they want.

But I don’t submit that easily. The only secret I carry is one that will destroy my enemies–the men I’ve started to trust…the ones I’m beginning to love.

These tempting, devious men will stop at nothing until one of them becomes a father to my future son.

They’re monsters.
They’re gorgeous.
They’re dangerous.
They’re fools if they think they can control me.

…And I’m lost if I fall for them.

~ My Thoughts ~

I love a good dark story so when this popped up in my news feed on Facebook I bought it.  While the story is dark it is not typical of the dark books I have read in the past.  That said, it intrigued me.  The characters and the settings this story takes place made it an entertaining twist on the dark I have become familiar with.

The characters are so well-defined.  Creating a picture of each character was so easy.  Each had a unique trait that drew me to them and I admit I fell for the tormentor, the evil and the bad boys once again.  Or should I said I fell three times, and I fell hard.  3 of the main leading characters just draw you in.  Charismatic, dominate and easy-going, each in their own right, they each deserve to be feared.  The fourth leading male character .. well I can still taste the bitterness and hate he has left in my mind.  A fearful, heartless man who will command your attention.

Photo Credit: Lana Grayson’s Facebook Page

The female lead character is written well and shows so many sides to her personality as the story unfolds.  She is strong, weak, determined, defeated, loved, hated and desperate.

I liked the element that the story surrounded itself in.  I found it to be creative and interesting.  While the author sets up the dark scenes, she lets the reader create most of the details in their mind.  The same goes for most of the sex scenes.  While we read the set up, the author does not overload on description or details.

You can’t help but want the lead female character to survive.  You can’t help but believe the whispers of the three brothers who create hope and desire.

“The only difference between a secret and a lie is the work you put into keeping it.”  

Photo Credit: Lana Grayson’s Facebook Page

An intriguing, suspenseful and shocking story that will keep you turning the pages, The Takeover Series is worth the read if you enjoy dark erotic romance. Filled with twists and turns, shocking and breath holding moments The Takeover Series is a page turner.

 Take note that some of the scenes in this story are brutal.  The author does not gloss over the darkness, she enhances it but providing the perfect amount of detail. 


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