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*Have You Heard? * Audiobooks For Your Listening Pleasure* Hunting Season by P. T. DeutermannHunting Season by P.T. Deutermann
Also by this author: Pacific Glory, Pacific Glory (World War 2 Navy), Cold Frame
Published by Brilliance Audio, St. Martin's Press on February 20th 2001
Genres: Mystery/Thriller/Suspense
Pages: 402
Format: Audiobook
ISBN: 031226979X

From the author of the acclaimed thriller Sweepers, an explosive return to the world of the top secret intelligence operatives whose job it is to "kill the killers" - and this time it's personal.
When three college students hiking in the Appalachians mysteriously vanish, the FBI is called in to investigate. Finding no immediate leads and no indications of a criminal act, the authorities at the Bureau put the case on the back burner. But the father of one of the missing - Edwin Kriess - isn't willing to just let it drop. Kriess is a retired FBI agent, who was also a former member of an elite CIA task force expertly trained in the art of hunting down and retrieving rogue agents. His career burned down after a mission to uncover a Chinese espionage plot resulted in a blood-bath involving civilians. Kriess was quietly sacrificed to extinguish the scandal, and has since lived in semi-exile down in southwestern Virginia. Now he's back in action - if very unofficially - and will do anything in his power to find his daughter. Relying on the specialized tactics and lethal maneuvers from his man-hunting past as an Agency "sweeper," he mounts his own search and investigation. Crossing paths with the Bureau and other government agencies, Kriess becomes targeted for retrieval by one of his own kind. As he tracks through a deadly maze of political scandal, personal revenge, and high-level corruption, Kriess discovers that it's hunting season-on himself, his family, and, ultimately, the United States government.
Hunting Season is P T. Deutermann in top form. It is a brilliantly plotted novel that moves from rolling hills to the marble corridors of Washington, D.C., as it tracks the progress of a man on a mission-and the secret he alone knows.

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Hunting Season is a book about hunting, but I don’t mean that in the sense of humans out in the woods with weapons stalking their animal prey. While humans are definitely stalking their prey, the game being hunted is human. As the hunter becomes the hunted in a convoluted tale of “Who Do You Trust?”, I got an almost circular vision of A hunting B, B hunting C, and C hunting A! Retired Navy Captain Deutermann isn’t afraid to go down any path his creative genius leads him as this book clearly proves. Hunting Season is very different from Pacific Glory, the last P. T. Deutermann book I reviewed. There is still a lot of action, suspense, and detail but, in this book, reading about the inner workings of the Alphabet Soup agencies — FBI, CIA, ATF — won’t inspire you with patriotism as the storyline of Pacific Glory does.  Although it was published in 2001, the subterfuge, backstabbing, and government ineptitude that inform the plot will sound chillingly familiar . . . sort of like the current nightly news. 🤔

Dick Hill is one of my favorite narrators. It is always a joy to listen to his performances and Hunting Season is no exception.  His voice is uniquely suited to protagonists who are flawed but honorable, and likable but not perfect.

P. T. Deutermann already has a series (The Cat Dancers, Spider Mountain, The Moonpool, Nightwalkers) featuring police lieutenant Cam Richter (and dogs!) but I think Edwin Kriess, a Reacheresque type of antihero whose hunt for his missing daughter drives this storyline, could certainly star in one of his own.  There are plots and subplots, the good guys aren’t really good, and some of the bad guys are flat out crazy.  If you are in the market for a listen that is well-written and artfully performed, Hunting Season will hold your attention to the very end. The conclusion won’t be a big surprise; it’s the road traveled to get there that will keep you in suspense.


About P.T. Deutermann

P. T. Deutermann is a retired Navy captain and has served in the joint Chiefs of Staff as an arms control specialist. He is the author of eighteen novels, and lives in North Carolina. His World War II adventure novel Pacific Glory won the W. Y. Boyd Literary Award for Excellence in Military Fiction, administered by the American Library Association; his other World War II novels are Ghosts of Bungo Suido and Sentinels of Fire. His most recent book is The Commodore, a masterful novel of an unlikely military hero.

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