Love’s Addiction by Priya Grey and Ozlo Grey

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Love’s Addiction


Priya Grey and Ozlo Grey

There’s only one thing more powerful than an addiction…

How do you go on living when everything’s been taken away from you?
You move… Far away… And bury the past…

But there’s something I can’t hide. When I land a new teaching job and stumble into class, I pray my students won’t notice that I can barely hold myself together. But I can’t fool Colter. He sees right through me. He knows the truth that I’m fighting to keep a secret.

I dismiss his attempts to help me. After all, I’m the teacher and he is my student. But Colter is hard to ignore, with a strong, athletic frame matched by a fierce intellect. I never suspected meeting outside of office hours would lead us down a path we can’t turn back from…

Football is my ticket to a better life. They predict I may go top ten in this year’s draft. Playing professionally will give me the chance to repay my father for all the sacrifices he’s made. Schoolwork has never been a distraction for me, until the day I walked into Professor March’s class. The look in her eyes. The trembling of her hands. These are familiar signs of loved ones I have lost…ones I couldn’t save.

When I offer to help Professor March, I never intend to put my football career in jeopardy. Now my passion for winning on the field is equally matched by my desire for her.

~Debbie’s Thoughts~

This is not your typical student teacher romance. It is a beautifully told story of two people who fell in love, gave selflessly and in the end found themselves.  Written in a dual point of view provided me to feel each and every emotion, every breath, every heartache, every desire and every dream the characters felt.

~Vanessa ~

I connected with Vanessa immediately.  I felt her every emotion and it shook me to my core.  She is a complex character.  She is strong, determined, broken, lost and slipping into the darkness that she escaped from long ago.


I fell in love with Colter from word one.  There was something about him that drew me in.  His intense desire to be the best he can be, not for himself but for his family.  His compassion, determination and focus are just a few of the qualities that had this character taking up space in my heart.

This is so much more than a student teacher romance.  It’s the story of two people whose pasts blend together in life lessons, heartache, loss and unconditional love.  While the stories main focus is on the relationship of Vanessa and Colter, the author’s beautiful incorporation of their families gives a better understanding of the who, what and why.  The story consumed me.  I was so lost in the words, that I let the day slip by as I read nonstop.

A unique love story of one women who teaches and one boy who tries to save her.  A unique love story of one boy who falls in love and the teacher who tries to save him.

Written with such grace, tenderness and real emotion, I adored every word of Love’s Addiction.


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