Imperfect (Book 1 Sins and Secrets Duet) by Willow Winters

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 ~ Imperfect ~

Book One of the Sins and Secrets Duet


Willow Winters

Fate brought us together, but the sins of my past threaten to rip us apart.
In a city ruled by corruption and powerful men, only the ruthless survive.
And that’s just what I am. Like father, like son. The life I lead is riddled with black tie affairs and dark secrets.

A simple mistake destroyed a woman I knew nothing about. She was only a name and a beautiful face in a photograph. Her fairytale life was shattered, but I didn’t give a damn.

Or at least I thought I didn’t care, until she stumbled into me.
One look, and I was tempted.
One taste, and I was hooked.

It wasn’t supposed to turn into this. She’s a good girl from the Upper East Side, innocent and naive. She’s ashamed to be moving on so quickly.
Especially with a man like me. Someone who could tarnish her sterling reputation and make the crack in her picture-perfect frame splinter even deeper.

We both know this was only meant to be a one-time thing.
But I’ll never have my fill of her.
Now she has me wrapped around her little finger, using me to get through her pain. I’m addicted to her soft moans and the way her nails scratch down my back.

I’m starting to need her just as much as she needs me.

I’ll protect her from the truth as long as I can.
But even if she finds out, I’m not letting her leave me.
She’s mine now.

~ My Thoughts ~

Holy Hell … This book has it all ….

Mystery, Romance, Love, Loss, Sex So Sinful You Wish It Was Happening To You, Grief, Lies, Deceit, Murder, Shocking Turn of Events, Helplessness, Hopefulness, Friendship, Betrayal and Forgiveness

Where do I even start?  Okay how about the ending (LOL) … there I am out for lunch and I finish the book and I want to scream so loud ‘cuz honestly I can’t believe what I just read …. more so because I can’t download book two in the duet until I get home!!!!!

  I adored every word of this story and here’s why …..

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~ Julia ~

It would be impossible to not feel Julia’s pain.  Her shattered heart and lack of direction just bleed off of the pages.  You want so desperately for this character to find just an ounce of happiness.  A fleeting moment that brings a smile to her face and calms her mind.  Julia is not a complex character, she just has an abundance of turbulence in her life and is trying her very best to deal with it.  Each day presents a chance to start over, become stronger, to relieve herself of the overwhelming grief that has overturned her world. Little does Julia realize, the life she thought she was leading was not all it seemed to be.  Secrets, lies and deception are revealed throughout the storyline.  These small tidbits of information the author throws our way adds a fantastic sense of shock and bewilderment.

~ Mason ~

Well holy hotness, mysterious, dominate, delicious Mason.  He’s dark, brooding, intense and holds many secrets in his heart and mind.  I fell in love with Mason instantly.  He is exactly what I look for in a character.  His layers which are exposed slowly, only intensified my feelings for him.  Mason will charm you, seduce you, bend you to his every need and trust me when I say that you do this willingly.  One thing I loved about Mason was his intelligence, his desire to right wrong, his passion and feeling of entitlement to own whomever he wants.  He is without a doubt not a character you want to mess with.

In addition to these two wonderful leading characters we are introduced to friends and family.  The path to both are bumpy at times, adding a perfect element to a very intense story.  I have to say though … some of those friends have me wondering if they won’t play a larger part in book two.  Of course don’t quote me on that, it’s probably just my very overactive imagination.

The story centers around Julia, her husband, Mason and his father.  So many secrets.  So many lies.  So many fantastic, hell I didn’t see that coming moments.  I really enjoyed this book. So much so that I honestly did gasp at the end and couldn’t get home fast enough to download the second book.  The intensity of emotions and the relationship between Mason and Julia was written perfectly.  The dynamic of Julia’s circle of friends was spot on perfect.  I could easily identify with the different personalities of these women and their views on Julia’s life and how she should live it.  The business relationships between Mason, his father and his business partner were fantastic, intense, and at times mind-blowing. I can’t in good mind write this review without mentioning the amazing poetry at the beginning of each chapter.  Honestly, I felt like I was looking inside the characters soul, the words were magnificent, brutal, honest, hopeful, hateful and loving.  A brilliant play on the author’s part to incorporate “the book” into the book.

When I bought this book I expected a dominate man, a willing woman, a good storyline and some steamy sex.  What I actually purchased was a well thought out book that contains friendship, family, mystery, love, loss, murder and redefining one’s life and their priorities.  I loved every word and I can’t wait to start book two in the duet.

Rating Report
Overall: five-stars

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