Amnesia (Centrifuge Duet Book One) by Kylie Hillman

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Genres: Psychological Thriller
Format: eBook



Kylie Hillman

3.5 Stars

Dr. Jaxon Ray has bided his time. He’s watched Amber St. George from afar, plotting and calculating the best way to get her back, until he realised that the answer was simple…

Steal her mind so he can own her body. Program her to forget then reprogram her as his perfect partner. The plan is foolproof, promising everything he’s ever wanted once it’s executed. Money. Prestige. Her.

Why? Because when you don’t know that you’re missing, it’s not possible for you to be found. Especially when the only person you think you can trust, is the one who’s left you with medically-induced amnesia.

~ My Thoughts ~

What happens when someone steals your mind?  Do you even realize that it has happened?  Can your mind understand the havoc it’s going through?  Is the plan foolproof or are there tiny crack left unseen to the naked eye?

~ Jaxon ~

A perfect tormentor.  Evil, intelligent, focused, demented, and the Master of Amber’s fate.

~ Amber ~

Running … always running …. until she is found and brutalized by the person she is forced to believe loves her.

What a twisted tale.  You just don’t know what to expect next.  The author writes this story at a very steady pace and provides the perfect amount of detail to lure you into the darkness.  It is impossible to stay one step ahead in this story.  Each chapter leads you into the mind game the author plays. You just never know what to expect from Jaxson.  Nor do you have a clue of the depravity of this character. A fabulous ensemble of characters add intrigue, mystery and so many intense and shocking moments to the story.  Slivers of hope are dangled in front of our eyes only to be snatched away, leaving you holding your breath, wondering what the repercussions will be.

Unique, interesting, brutal at times and always intriguing Amnesia is a thrilling, suspenseful, well written story.

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