⭐️Have You Heard?⭐️Audiobooks For Your Listening Pleasure⭐️Cold Frame by P. T. Deutermann

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⭐️Have You Heard?⭐️Audiobooks For Your Listening Pleasure⭐️Cold Frame by P. T. DeutermannCold Frame by P.T. Deutermann
Also by this author: Pacific Glory, Pacific Glory (World War 2 Navy), Hunting Season
Published by Blackstone Audio Inc., St. Martin's Press on July 14th 2015
Genres: Mystery/Thriller/Suspense
Pages: 281
Format: Audiobook
ISBN: 125005933X

Three Washington, D.C. police detectives investigate a government official's murder and uncover a secret sect devoted to sanctioned assassinations of enemies of America.

An American government official dies suddenly in a Washington restaurant, but the coroner cannot determine a cause of death. When a second bureaucrat dies, Metro detective Av Smith discovers that both were members of a committee known only as DMX. DMX operates in total secrecy, and its mission is to target foreign terrorists for elimination. Detective Smith is determined to pursue both murder cases, even if it means butting heads with Carl Mandeville, the alpha wolf of DMX. As Smith delves deeper and deeper, he finds himself the target of a plot that goes well beyond DMX- and reaches into the darkest areas of the government.

Set in contemporary Washington, D.C. amidst the immense counter-terrorism bureaucracy, Cold Frame is a compelling thriller by a masterful novelist with insider knowledge of how the military, federal, and local intelligence agencies work…or don’t.

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Cold Frame is my latest foray into the mind of author P. T. Deutermann and the foray was quite scary! Is there anyone among you naïve enough to believe our government operates in a way that is even remotely transparent? If so, you need to download this political thriller and disavow yourself of that notion! While it is a work of fiction, there is so much about Cold Frame that is chillingly plausible, it will definitely make you go “hmmm.” With his strong military background, Mr. Deutermann is uniquely qualified to launch a barrage of “what ifs” that may blow holes in your concept of how things work in the world of counter-terrorism. Our hero, Av Smith, is just an average guy — hence the nickname “Av” — who happens to be a detective on a squad nicknamed the Briar Patch and populated with some of the most unconventional police officers I’ve ever encountered. These officers who “do not play well with others” have been banished to the Briar Patch, a unit which exists to ferret out cases (Tar Babies) that actually need to be investigated by the Feds instead of the police department. When Av decides he wants to hang on to a couple of these Tar Babies and investigate the mysterious deaths of a couple of government bureaucrats himself, he goes against everything his squad stands for and finds himself in and out of hot water for the rest of the book. He’s in trouble with his boss, he’s in trouble with the Feds, and he’s in trouble with a very bad character named Carl Mandeville who makes his problems go away by killing them.

Dick Hill is one of my favorite narrators and he more than does justice to Mr. Deutermann’s work. His voices for the offbeat characters in the Briar Patch will definitely make you smile.

Cold Frame won’t go on record as my favorite book by P. T.Deutermann, but the plot is ingenious and fast-paced so listeners won’t be disappointed. The characters are well-developed and there is even quirky humor to lighten up a story line that may cause you to lie awake at night wondering if this really is a work of fiction. The book is a bit heavy on the alphabet soup of government agencies, most of which you won’t recognize, but the good news is only a few of them are important and you will pick up on those quickly. The question of whether or not plants have brains is posed early in the book and while there isn’t a definitive answer, I think you will step a bit more carefully the next time you walk through your garden!


About P.T. Deutermann

P. T. Deutermann is a retired Navy captain and has served in the joint Chiefs of Staff as an arms control specialist. He is the author of eighteen novels, and lives in North Carolina. His World War II adventure novel Pacific Glory won the W. Y. Boyd Literary Award for Excellence in Military Fiction, administered by the American Library Association; his other World War II novels are Ghosts of Bungo Suido and Sentinels of Fire. His most recent book is The Commodore, a masterful novel of an unlikely military hero.

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