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Everybody wants to be an actress, right?

The lights, the camera, the action? The fame, the money, the beauty and esteem. It’s all part of the package.

Unless, of course, you’re part of HIS films.

Ethan Cole was one of the best directors in the business until the day he disappeared. He was charismatic, gorgeous, intriguing and so brilliant that no other person could compare. People believed he’d simply quit. In truth, he’d gone underground.

I found him after being stolen from the streets. I was thrown into his new world, his fantasies, his decadent chaos, and I found myself fighting just to stay alive.

He seduced me while tormenting me.

Made me a star while keeping me hidden from the public’s eye.

He asked me one simple question before shoving me in front of the glittering lights and dark lens of his camera.

One question, requiring only one response: Fuck or Die?



~ Maria’s Review ~

The Director is Lily White unleashed, unapologetic, and as dark and twisted as you know her to be. It is her first self published, no holds barred, Dark Exclusive. Are you scared yet? You should be. The evil genius that is the mind of Lily White tells a very disturbing tale in The Director.

Author Lily White creates characters that are strong, twisted, and down right fucked up! But she also has a way of putting something in these villainous anti-heroes that has me liking them, even wanting them to get an HEA despite all the evil crap they do. She does this beautifully with Ethan Cole, our dominant, controlling director. I wanted to know what made him tick. How he could be okay with what he was doing. He really doesn’t give me a good reason, but, it is his reason. He appears to be evil personified and even a little crazy, almost detached by what he is a part of creating. Until Emma.

Emma is smart, sassy, provocative and something Ethan never expected. I don’t think he was ready for her. She was a game changer. I loved her character. I truly felt for her and her dire situation. The strength she possessed is unbelievable. Fantastic character.

Not the conventional meeting for our hero and heroine. I think I held my breath during most of this book. It is intense, graphic, raw and very dark. I admit that I read some parts biting my nails. I was shocked and speechless with some of the events, but, I was so hooked. I couldn’t read fast enough. Author Lily White’s story had me racing to the end, devouring every gritty word. No sweetness and light here. It’s about survival and strength in the face of despair. It is extreme. Yet, in all this darkness, there is a flicker of light. Something developing from all this evil and insanity, a ray of hope. It is a story only Lily White could tell. It’s not for the squeamish, faint of heart or those who get easily offended, shocked, or disturbed. It is Lily White, uncensored, unfiltered and at her best. Loved it. Cannot wait for more of her exclusives.





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Lily White is a dark writer who likes to dabble on the taboo side of eroticism. She is most known for her Masters Series (Her Master’s Courtesan and Her Master’s Teacher), Target This, Hard Roads, and Asylum. She’s co-authored Serial (a four part serial series). When she isn’t writing as Lily White you can find other books by her under M.S. Willis where she has penned the Control Series, the Estate Series, Because of Ellison (contemporary romance), and Standard Romance Story (Romance Comedy). Lily enjoys stretching her writing muscles by continuing to challenge herself with each book she publishes.

In addition to writing, Lily is an avid reader, gummy bear slayer, and a gold medalist in puppy naps.


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