Afraid to Fall by Sutton Bishop

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Afraid to Fall by Sutton BishopAfraid to Fall (Ancient Passages, #1) by Sutton Bishop
Also by this author: Afraid to Hope, Hearts Don't Lie, Afraid to Love
Series: Ancient Passages #1
Also in this series: Afraid to Love
Published by NliveN, LLC on November 2, 2018
ISBN: 2940161883006

Guatemala—a country rife with civil unrest, human and narco-trafficking, and looters of antiquity is the perfect backdrop for AFRAID TO FALL—a steamy story of romance, adventure, and suspense.

Needing a break from both her personal and professional life, forensic anthropologist Ariana Antony makes a spur-of-the-moment decision to join a research expedition in Guatemala’s Petén jungle.

Haunted by guilt, Dr. Luca Fierro is still healing from a tragic accident. His life revolves around research, teaching, and triathlons.


Ari and Luca first meet. Their attraction is explosive. It is also off-limits.

Can Ari lower her defenses and let Luca in? Can Luca heal his deep wounds and explore new territory with Ari?

What begins as a scientific adventure turns into a life-and-death struggle for survival, forcing them to explore and confront their demons and desires.

*** For Mature Audiences Only ***

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Karen’s Thoughts

I confess . . . the stunning cover of Afraid to Fall made me buy the book. The cover itself tells a story and I was intrigued to find out what that story entailed. Covers can either get me to buy the book or make me pass on it. This engaging cover got me to buy the novel and jump into power reading a really fun adventure.

Jungle heat and romantic sizzle combine in the debut novel by Sutton Bishop. Bishop writes a story in which her main characters have believable backstories. STOP THE PRESSES! The author doesn’t provide any made up angst to manipulate her readers. WOW!! It was refreshing to actually believe the emotional motivations of both Ari and Luca, the main characters. Instead of ‘insta-love’, the author provided me, the reader, with an actual story of two people not looking for a relationship or love, but drawn to each other like moths to a flame. Both Ari and Luca have been burned by past relationships. Ari, especially, is totally not looking or wanting any kind of entanglement. She has put a huge X through relationships. The author doesn’t just give lip service to the character’s emotions; you feel Ari’s visceral reluctance. Bishop writes realistic and smart characters with whom I could experience the story as her writing pulled me into the narrative. I wasn’t just an observer but a participant in the story. I joined Ari and Luca as they experienced the heat of the Guatemalan jungle, made friends,  swam in the crystal clear water, and excavated ancient ruins. Both characters personalities resonated as being true to their emotional pasts. 

The romance and the relationship bloom in the Guatemalan jungle during an archeological dig to explore the Mayan civilizations. The author sprinkles Mayan lore throughout the book which is fun and fascinating, but the jungles of Guatemala aren’t the safest and she adds some startling adventure twists when extreme danger enters the camp. 

I really enjoyed this book because the author provided me both a romance and an actual well-thought-out story. Let me explain how I judge a book. I mentally cut out all the sex and if the book is still interesting, then it’s a good book. So many new romance writers focus solely on sex and they forget to write a story. No one can have as much sex as most romance authors write and still walk the next day. Bishop writes sex with sizzle and heart — it’s more about the passion that hitting all the graphic high points. Bishop is a breath of fresh air in a genre that is losing its passion for romance. 


About Sutton Bishop

I’ve been creating stories since I was a young girl. Playing in the rural meadows and woods in Illinois ​afforded my active imagination ample opportunity to go wild.

I grew up believing in fairy tales and dreaming of Prince Charming, creating some fanciful, complex stories. I crushed hard on most of my prince charmings. Many of them disappointed me, but a few did not. Those that didn’t matured as I matured. I added textures of character, physicality, and backstory. My monkey mind stayed busy, fleshing them out with strengths, weaknesses, and idiosyncrasies, based on men I met and experiences I had. Putting the stories on paper came much later, after four kids and a disjointed career.

My passions are culture and history. I have degrees in anthropology, forensics, and history. I have traveled near and far, asked countless questions, and made untold observations. Out great world is my imagination-laboratory, and writing brings it all together—the layers, the ordinary, and the extraordinary. Writing is how I explore the “what ifs.”

Anything is possible and often is. I invite you to take a break from your day-to-day living. Take a journey in a book. Immerse yourself in fantasy. What if?

Lose yourself in romance. Read mine.

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