Release Blitz * Roma King (Roma Royals Duet book 1) by Callie Hart *

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Release Blitz * Roma King (Roma Royals Duet book 1) by Callie Hart *Roma King (Roma Royals Duet Book 1) by Callie Hart
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on December 12, 2018
Format: eARC

** Roma King is part one in the Roma Royals Duet series. The second and final book in the series, Roma Queen, will be released early February 2019**

“911. What is your emergency?”

Every night, Zara Llewelyn picks up the phone and assists people in distress. House fires. Assault. Motor vehicle accidents. Home invasions...

Between the hours of six and two, she is the answer to a thousand cries for help. But when the payphone outside Zara’s apartment building mysteriously begins ringing night after night, the very last thing she wants to do is pick it up. And yet, she can’t seem to help herself...

Pasha Rivin’s trying to outrun fate. He’s been running from it for years now, but escape isn’t in his cards. As the oldest son of the oldest Roma family in the country, he’s not just a member of a proud and fiercely traditional clan. He is their reluctant king...and now he’s expected to find a wife.

The fiery redhead that shows up on his doorstep, following a trail of breadcrumbs, hunting for a missing little boy, is the last person Pasha’s mother has in mind, however. She’s an outsider, an intruder, and as far as his family are concerned, she’s not welcome on their land, let alone in their king’s bed.

Pasha has never allowed his destiny to stand in the way of what he wants, however. And he’s never wanted anything more than he wants the girl with the burning green eyes.


Zara Llewelyn picked up the phone and learned a secret.

Falling in love has never been so dangerous...

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 ~ Maria’s Review ~

I can always count on author Callie Hart to write an amazing alpha male antihero. Roma King is no exception. Such a fantastic start to what I’m sure is going to be another great story. She sets it up perfectly and I cannot wait for book 2! This is a cliffy, because it is a duet, just a heads up. But I think it’s worth the read and worth the wait! Pasha is hot AF!

I’m not going to lie, would I have loved more of them together? Absolutely!!! I wish we had more time with them together. The time we have with them is so freaking good! They sizzle on the page. Although I wanted more of them together, I must admit that the build up and background story is so important and author Callie Hart does a fantastic job with it.

Roma King is an intense ride with unexpected twists, intrigue and mystery. It is suspenseful and kept me turning pages, needing more, wanting answers. That ending…gah cannot wait to see how it ends in book 2.


About Callie Hart

Callie has experienced many changes throughout her life, and gone through many ups and downs that have all worked towards shaping and molding her into the person she is today: fun loving, active, social, and hard working. The only thing that has remained a constant throughout her life is writing. Creating characters who will tear your conscience in two is a favorite pastime of Callie’s. There are few real saints and sinners in her books; more often, the denizens of her stories are all very human. Broken, flawed, and always with the potential for redemption.
Despite the subject matter being markedly hot and heavy in comparison to the stories she wrote in elementary school, there will always be an element of fairytale to her work.

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