When Ashes Fall by Marni Mann

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When Ashes Fall


Marni Mann

4 Stars


It’s been said that you can’t love two men at the same time.
You can’t split your heart, soul, and body in half.
But I’m here to tell you, you can.
Dylan Cole is like ice, sharp and unpredictable, the thunder inside a tumultuous storm.
Smith Reid is warmth, soft and gentle, perfect like a sunny day.
Both are mine.
But I can have only one.
There are two sides to this tale.
I’m here to tell you mine.
If you think this story is about a cheater, you couldn’t be more wrong.


~ My Thoughts ~

~ Magnificently written with deep-seated emotion. A raw and realistic account of life, the good and the bad. A heartfelt story of how we handle all life throws our way ~

To say this book was intriguing wouldn’t do the story or the author justice. To say that the author captivated my thoughts, had my mind swirling with what if’s, well that would be a true statement.

Unlike the author’s other books, this book doesn’t come with a warning but it should. This story deals with something each and every one of us will deal with at some point in our lives.

What I learned after reading the author’s note was this, it’s all about how we perceive the events of our lives. It’s how we handle these events, and how it is possible to overcome the emotions that rage through our minds, hearts and body.

I have nothing but praise for the author for sharing her experience. For allowing us to experience this part of her life. For being so honest and not sugar coating the events that touched her so deeply.

Everyone will experience these events in some form over the course of their lives. What I learned from the author is that everyone is allowed to process these events as they wish. There is no right or wrong and hopefully when the time comes, if a helping hand is needed, it’s there waiting for you.

The characters in this story are extremely easy to relate to. I think I felt this way because the author created characters that were everyday people. They were structured in such a way that you felt every thought, every action, every touch, every breath. I formed such a strong bond with each and every character.

The time line of the story was brilliant. Past to present, present to past. Needless to say the author had me guessing and second guessing myself at every turn of the page.

The various locations the story took place in exploded with vivid color, some light and some dark but each and everyone was visualized with zero effort on my part. I felt the cold, the warmth of sun and the wetness of the rain as it poured down, soaking me to the bone.

I feel as though anything I write here won’t provide the justice this book deserves. I will forever hold these characters deep within my heart. And, when I am having a bad day I know that they will resurface in my mind and provide me the comfort that I need.

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