The Mister by E. L. James

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The Mister


E. L. James

3.5 Stars

There isn’t a doubt in my mind that E. L. James creates the most fantastic male characters. From Christian Grey who held my heart captive to Maxim who I connected to instantaneously. There’s just something about the men this author creates that I find undeniably fascinating.

That being said let me share my thoughts about The Mister with you.

I went in with zero expectations. I read a small blurb, but that was the extent of my knowledge prior to reading the story. I think what surprised me the most while reading is that there were a few times when I was actually surprised. Not something I expected, but something that enhanced my overall reading experience. Adding to that the few times the author had me laughing out loud were welcome and also unexpected.

The story of Maxim and Alessia isn’t what I would categorize as a classic love story. The author has taken a very prevalent social issue and intertwined it into a story of two people who accidentally fall into each other and what happens next is where the soul of the story begins.

All characters within this book are well developed in both an emotional and physical sense. Each and every character plays a vital role at some point in the story. The perfect amount of detail on the sub-characters is given so you feel like you have a firm and solid idea of who they are, what they have been through and how they relate back to the two main characters.

Emotions run rampant, and with those emotions, the characters development is enhanced. Not only are you privy to the characters’ thoughts, emotions and actions, you are presented with the how and why which I found to be a great attribute. There are no what ifs or wondering everything you want to know is incorporated into the story which leads to a very fulfilling feeling.

The two main characters are presented with spot on perfections.

Maxim ~ The connection was instantaneous. Well rounded, intelligent, good looking, sexy as all holy hell, tempting beyond words. A playboy. A man who holds his pain and grief so tightly. He is sweet, loyal to a fault, a good friend, an amazing lover and he is living a life he never thought would be his.

Alessia ~ Determination and survival flow through her veins. She lived a life to please her family, until that life was turned upside down and it spiraled out of control. She has gone through so much for someone so young in age and yet she keeps pushing forward. Never giving up, determined to outrun her past and build a better future.

These two worlds collide and what happens next is the story of The Mister.

While this book is categorized as a love story or romance, I would have to disagree. The Mister is a blend of darkness, intertwined with love, desire and the realization of what you are capable of. It is a story that includes family, loss, trust, the dark world of the underground, and the repercussions of following your dream as opposed to walking the path that was predetermined for you. It’s the story of two unlikely people, who meet and the progression of discovering each other, their pasts, and what they both desire for their futures.

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