Cash ~ The Henchmen MC #2 by Jessica Gadziala

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3.5 Stars for Cash (The Henchmen MC, #2)


My life has been about three things- brotherhood, good times, and women. Easy. Nothing complicated. That was until Willow Swift came barging back into my life, face bloodied, banging at the gates of The Henchmen compound calling in a favor owed. Now a marker is a marker and I had to make good, but if there was one woman in the world I didn’t need in my life, it was the hard-as-stone, hot-as-sin Willow Swift and whatever mysterious ghosts from her past that were haunting her present.


My life has been nothing but two things: hard and complicated. The last person I wanted in my business was the notorious love-em and leave-em Cash, but I needed help and he was the only one I could lean on without worrying about him finding out about my past. But I was starting to wonder if maybe he was his own kind of dangerous bent on tearing down some things I had long since learned were not possible for me- like falling for a guy I could not, ever, let see the real me.

~ My Thoughts ~

Fire and Ice ~ that’s how I would describe this book. Lo filled with fire, self-made from a past of destruction, violence and pain. Cash born and bred to be a biker, to live a life surrounded by his brothers, inflicting pain, righting wrong and protecting his family. Put these two characters together and the result is explosive.

Secrets, pasts that haunt, desire that overtakes the mind and retribution are the cornerstone of this story.

Written at a fast pace the pages turn quickly while you absorb the action, the destruction, the need and brutality. The author once again keeps the cast of characters small and each one plays a pivotal role in the story.

Twists and turns around every corner keep you guessing.

Seduction and the internal battle to fight it play out beautifully.

The shock and realization of what happens when you let the walls you built crumble will have you sighing.

Sinfully sexy, heartbreaking and shocking Cash does not disappoint.


Jessica Gadziala is a full-time writer, parrot enthusiast, and coffee drinker. She enjoys short rides to the book store, sad songs, coffee in Big Gulp-sized cups, and cold weather, and has recently developed an unhealthy obsession with acquiring houseplants. She lives in New Jersey with seven parrots and six dogs.

She is a big believer in snark, strong secondary characters, and bada$$ women.

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