Wolf by Jessica Gadziala

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 ~ 3.5 Stars for Wolf  The Henchmen MC, #3 ~


He was just supposed to be saving her from herself… and the half dozen criminal enterprises that would want her blood when they realized what she had done.

What he hadn’t planned on was her invading every aspect of his life with her fiery temper and inability to take no for an answer. And when he finally got beneath her walls and found out why she had gotten herself into trouble in the first place, he knew what he needed to do.

He sure as hell didn’t think he would end up being the one who would need saving…

** This is a DARK read. Anyone with triggers may want to avoid this title. 


~ My Thoughts ~


I’ll admit it, this character sparked intrigue within me in the first two books of this series. Honestly though, I never thought that with just one word …..


He would end up owning me completely.

Book three in the Henchmen series does not disappoint. In fact the action ramps up, the sensuality increases tenfold and the secrets that are revealed are shocking to say the least.

Incorporating the characters that warmed my heart in the first two books in the series and adding some new and interesting characters into Wolf’s story enhance the entire reading experience.

Getting into Wolf and Janie’s mind, understanding the horrors that have tormented these two broken characters is mesmerizing.

The various organizations banding together, the deception and payback for deeds of the past, the slow unraveling of the horrific memories make Wolf a fast paced, intriguing, heartwarming story.

Don’t ya just love a tough MC story that entwines romance, brothers, blood, determination and devotion? I know I do.




Jessica Gadziala is a full-time writer, parrot enthusiast, and coffee drinker. She enjoys short rides to the book store, sad songs, coffee in Big Gulp-sized cups, and cold weather, and has recently developed an unhealthy obsession with acquiring houseplants. She lives in New Jersey with seven parrots and six dogs.

She is a big believer in snark, strong secondary characters, and bada$$ women.

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