You For Her ~ The Edge of Retaliation #2

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4.5 Stars for You for Her

Dear Celia,
Your family are a bunch of…
Wait. No. It isn’t your fault.
None of this is your fault.
I’m sorry. I wish you knew how sorry I was.

Dear Andrea,
Your family and you are a bunch of…
Still not it.
It’s not you I hate.

Dear Tanner,
You’re a monster.
A cold, broken monster.
I think they

~ My Thoughts ~

You think you know the truth …. but whose truths are in fact truth ….

Everyone still remains suspect. Doubt creeps in with every turn of the page …

You for Her will leave you guessing and doubting everyone and everything …

The second book in this series continues seamlessly from the ending of book one. The story line continues to intrigue and continues to have you second guessing each characters motives.

Like the first book in this series the story line is fast paced. The twists and turns continue. The raw emotions wrap themselves around you and you are once again left with a feeling of unease, uncertainty and overwhelming curiosity.

I am dying to know what happens in the next installment of this series.

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