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Blogger’s Notation: Change is good, right? So, because this month’s edition of Have You Heard? will be published on the day we honor those who died in defense of our country, I’m going to repeat a previous post rather than write my usual Best of the Month reviews. The inspiration for this change is a book I listened to almost 10 years ago shortly after it was published and which made such an impression on me that I’m sharing my review once again as we observe Memorial Day 2021. Did you know that each year on Memorial Day a national moment of remembrance takes place at 3 PM local time? Wherever you are at 3 PM today, take that moment to remember those who gave their lives for that elusive idea we call freedom.

May 30, 2016 — Today I’m doing something I actually intended to do last year and, as time has a way of doing, it sped past me and Memorial Day was upon me before I knew it.  This year I had a few more of my wits about me and began planning today’s review well in advance so that I could share with all of you an audiobook that is so special and so moving I never wanted to turn it off. This day, dedicated to remembering our honored dead, would be the perfect day to begin listening to the incomparable Dick Hill read Pacific Glory by P. T. Deutermann. The storyline is intriguing and replete with historical details about World War 2. This is a book to which we know the ending from a historical viewpoint, but the fictional drama that is interwoven by a master storyteller lends tension, romance, and enough twists and memorable moments to keep the listener’s interest until the very end. The characters have so much depth. They are flawed . . . yet perfect for the story. There will be a lot of history covered in Pacific Glory. There will be heroes and heroines and, in the end, you will cry. Because there is a fictional storyline, I’m going maintain my policy of not dropping hints or giving spoilers except for the tissue warning . . . there will be scenes that bring tears.
I’ve already raved on about Dick Hill in other reviews, so I won’t repeat my praise except to say, you can never go wrong with an audiobook narrated by this accomplished performer. Here is a link to a brief sound bite of him as Lee Child’s Jack Reacher.  And he is just as believable as Mr. Deutermann’s beautiful and enigmatic Glory as he is the very scary Mr. Reacher.
Every time I read a book about WW2 and the hardships that were endured and the courage that was displayed, I have to ask myself if we would have what it takes to endure what they endured. The answer has to be “yes” because our service men and women have confirmed it in every war we’ve engaged in since then. The graphic details about the battles depicted in Pacific Glory make me want to call every friend and family member who has been or is currently in the military and thank them for their sacrifice.  So, as you enjoy your holiday in relative freedom, take time to remember those who’ve died in our service. We can never repay them.
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