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The month of June has certainly plunged us into summer with a bang! We already have  heat waves with droughts in the West and a tropical storm has made landfall on the Gulf Coast with another one poised to hit the East Coast! Nevertheless, writers keep on writing and there are still  books to be read or heard. For our Best of June listens, we have Joe Goldberg, the sociopath we all hate to love, the first installment of the Legal Briefs series which is a worthy beach read, a compelling psychological drama, and a sweet romance with a HEA to guaranteed to offset the psycho-drama.

You Love Me

By Caroline Kepnes

Narrated by Santino Fontana

Joe Goldberg, you bad boy, you are at it again and once more I surprised myself by how much I love this series and its lovably psychotic sociopath. Because you lose the “Love” of your life and your son and because you get to spend a little jail time and because you get paid off by some rich people to vanish from their lives only to have that money blackmailed out of your hands by someone who thinks you’ve killed someone (you didn’t) you become a slightly more sympathetic character in this book where people are dying all around you but not by your hand! Can this convoluted tale end well for our Joe? If you loved You and Hidden Bodies, you need to listen to the inimitable Santino Fontana as he performs You Love Me and determine that for yourself. Caroline Kepnes . . . I love how your mind works!


By Emma Chase

Narrated by Jason Carpenter & Charlotte Penfield

Long on gratuitous sex and with a bit of angst, Overruled is the first installment of Emma Chase’s Legal Briefs series. Narrated by Jason Carpenter and Charlotte Penfield, it’s a true beach read in every sense of the genre. This one won’t spoil your vacay with unnecessary drama or suspense.  Stanton Shaw is a lovable playboy as only Ms. Chase can write them and Sofia Santos is his playmate as well as his colleague. The burning question in this one is, will Stanton marry the woman of his dreams and the mother of his child, or will he end up with the woman who dreams of him? Drag up your lounge chair and a cool beverage and wait for the verdict!

The Shadow Box

By Luanne Rice

Narrated by Nicol Zanzarella & Jim Frangione

Be sure you have plenty of time to listen before you start The Shadow Box by Luanne Rice! I rarely get as caught up in a book as I did in this one. I wound up finishing it in 3 days so be forewarned. The storyline is compelling from the first chapter to the last. The characters are well-developed whether they are good or evil, and there are some unusually evil people in this book. Be very cautious about forming opinions too early as to exactly who is good and who is evil. As in real life, those who seem weak can summon extraordinary strength when needed, and even the most glamorous facade can hide a spirit that is rotten to the core. I’m so used to Jim Frangione as the voice of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, it was hard not to picture one of the brothers when he was performing, but both he and Nicol Zanzarella portray the variety of characters with skill.

Stealing Home

By Sherryl Woods

Narrated by Stina Nielsen

After the compelling psychological drama of The Shadow Box, Stealing Home by Sherryl Woods was a breath of fresh air and normalcy. Even though Maddie Townsend is not living her best life thanks to her cheating about-to-be-ex-husband and her traumatized kids, things are looking up for her. She has decided to go into business with her two best friends and her oldest son’s baseball coach – a young hottie – has taken a special interest in her despite the difference in their ages. That should be enough to pique your interest. Stina Nielsen provides excellent narration of the likable characters. There’s a little bit of angst, a lot of romance, and a HEA that makes Stealing Home a perfect beach or vacation read.

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