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As I listened to June’s books, a single phrase kept coming to mind. The phrase happens to be the title of an old, old movie whose screenplay was inspired by three of William Faulkner‘s novellas and which it’s unlikely any of you have seen. The Long, Hot Summer is also notable for introducing one of Hollywood’s most renowned couples, Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, to each other.  It has, indeed, been a long, hot summer for most of us and it’s only June. Here’s hoping July and August will bring cooler listening weather! The Best of June includes two books from authors whose new releases are always highly anticipated by their fans, a book that is filled with fascinating historical detail, and a book where the good guys can’t win because there are no good guys!

What Happened to the Bennetts?

By Lisa Scottoline

Narrated by Edoardo Ballerini

There’s been a lot of hype about author Lisa Scottoline’s latest What Happened to the Bennetts. I’m happy to report that it is all true. From the dramatic beginning to the satisfying ending, I was completely engaged in the story and with the Bennett family. I’m sure the death of a child is a tragedy that no parent wants to experience. It’s just wrong for one’s child to die first. Then to have the circumstances be such that the whole family has to go into hiding makes it even more wrong. As you might expect from this author, there are lots of twists and turns so be prepared to be tempted to binge-listen to this one. Narrator Edoardo Ballerini is definitely in his element with this kind of drama and lends his unique style to a complex and captivating storyline.

The Engineer’s Wife

By Tracey Enerson Wood

Narrated by Libby McKnight

The Engineer’s Wife will prove to be a great find for history buffs who also enjoy a bit of fiction thrown in with their facts. I’m sure no one thinks building a bridge is a small undertaking, but it was an even greater task back in the 1800’s before modern construction techniques and equipment were available. Emily Warren Roebling is a real historical figure and so is her husband, Wash, and Wash’s father, John. Listeners will be fascinated as the story evolves along with the Roeblings’ dream of building a bridge between Brooklyn and New York City. There is tragedy, romance, and pure human grit as the bridge slowly spans the river. A real plus is author Tracey Enerson Wood‘s addendum that helps distinguish between historical facts and her fiction. Kudos to Libby McKnight for taking on the monumental task of narrating this fascinating work.

Reckless Girls

By Rachel Hawkins

Narrated by Barrie Kreinik

Have you ever wanted to sail away to a deserted island? Is taking a lover or some friends and just getting away from the real world for awhile on your bucket list? If so, then author Rachel Hawkins may disavow you of that notion with her psychological thriller Reckless Girls. Don’t expect to figure this one out before the end. Have you ever read or listened to a book where there were no good guys? Even in psycho world there is usually at least one sympathetic character. Then again, haven’t we been told that there is a bit of a monster in all of us? Narrator Barrie Kreinik goes above and beyond performing the monsters and their accents. Is it possible the best kind of twist is one that makes no sense? A word of caution … there are lots of  “F” bombs so if that makes your head explode, you may want to give this one a pass.

Night Work

By Nora Roberts

Narrated by Will Damron

Author Nora Roberts may be the only storyteller alive who could make me fall in love with a thief! Harry Booth is not just any thief … he has principles and he is strictly non-violent. He doesn’t even own a gun. He is a very smart thief … he likes to go to school, teach school, and educate young people about Shakespeare and the theatre. He is an accomplished linguist and a master of disguises who earns a nickname – the Chameleon. He steals to support his family and he steals because he’s good at it. Sometimes he even steals to restore something of value to the place where it belongs. Ultimately, he will have to steal to have any chance at a normal life with the woman he loves. Will Damron turns in one of his best performances of a book that will steal your heart.

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