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July’s listens have one thing in common … they all start with the word “The!” I’m not sure this has ever happened before and it certainly wasn’t by design, so we’ll just chalk it up to serendipity! The storylines offer something for everyone. We have a “gothic thriller” with a hint of the supernatural, a moving tale of friendship lost and recovered that spans decades, a story that will warm the heart of every listener who ever dreamed of devising the perfect revenge, and, to cleanse the palate after all the darkness, we have the perfect beach book … lots of sand and sea, good food and romance, and there’s even a friendly ghost.

The Cherry Robbers

By Sarai Walker

Narrated by January LaVoy

There is a phrase I see frequently in book reviews … “the story drew me in from the beginning.” I can honestly say this about The Cherry Robbers. If I could have listened straight through to the end, I would have. Promoted as a “gothic thriller”, this is a book that tells you up front what tragedy is going to befall the Chappell sisters, yet you are still unprepared for the details as each sister succumbs to her fate. I was intrigued by the title and I still am. I would love to hear author Sarai Walker talk more about how she chose it. She does say in an Author’s Note at the end it was inspired by a D. H. Lawrence poem of the same name, and since Mr. Lawrence is best known for Lady Chatterly’s Lover, that may tell you something. There is an undercurrent of sensual mystery as a young girl comes to grips with her own sexuality, but it’s not a dominant part of the storyline. January LaVoy just continues to grow as a narrator and this is definitely one of her best.

The Clover Girls

By Viola Shipman

Narrated by Jennifer Jill Araya, Teri Schnaubelt, Vivienne Leheny, & Caitlin Kelly

Have you ever been to summer camp? Did you make friendships while there that have lasted a lifetime? Did the experience help shape the person you are today? These are questions that are at the heart of Viola Shipman’s coming-of-age novel The Clover Girls. Emily, Violet, Rachel, and Liz christen themselves the Clover Girls the first summer they spend together at Camp Birchwood. As the summers go by, their bond grows until one disastrous season when everything goes terribly wrong and their friendship goes up in smoke just like the campfires they love so much. Will the final wish of one of the friends reunite them, or will it merely divide them forever? The four narrators artfully tell the story from each girl’s POV starting with their first year at camp and concluding with their reunion as adults. It’s a deeply touching story of friendship, betrayal, growth, and love.

The Collective

By Alison Gaylin

Narrated by Vivienne Leheny

Nothing good happens in The Collective by Alison Gaylin, so if you’re looking for something light and beachy, you’ll want to give this one a pass. What does happen is justice – sort of, or revenge – definitely! If you are the grieving mother of a child who was wrongfully taken from this life, then the Collective is your new support group. If society has winked at the person who was responsible for stealing your joy, then look no further. Your new support group is here to help and the members will mete out justice/revenge as a group. This creepy tale is beautifully written and expertly narrated by Vivienne Leheny … just be forewarned … there is nothing warm and fuzzy here.

The Hotel Nantucket

By Elin Hilderbrand

Narrated by Erin Bennett

Grace Hadley is a ghost. Her goal is to get justice for her wrongful death so she can move on to her eternal rest. Xavier Darling is a mogul. His goal is to impress two women – one who is the love of his life and one who has never given a 5 star review to a hotel. Lisbet Keaton is the proverbial woman scorned. Her goal is to get her life back while leaving her ex-business partner/lover in the dust. Is it possible that one dilapidated old hotel with a tragic past can be the answer for them all? You definitely need to tuck The Nantucket Hotel into your beach bag this summer.  Author Elin Hilderbrand offers up a touch of romance and mystery along with a bit of a twist to the ending. Add in Erin Bennett’s skillful narration and a friendly ghost and you have just the right listen for your vacation.

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