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As this long, hot month moves lazily into the dog days of summer, I find July’s listens to be quite a conglomeration of moods, genres, and writing styles with no particular theme except to give me a reason to float in the pool while the authors tell their stories! Summer is my favorite time of year for many reasons but especially because the outdoor activities give me a valid excuse for plugging in my AirPods and eavesdropping on other people’s lives! My selections include a debut novel by a seasoned author (mull that one over for awhile!), a whodunit with a full cast of performers, a return to Nantucket for a visit with a favorite author and a closet foodie, and a very special novel featuring my colleagues in the nursing profession.

The Wishing Game

By Meg Shaffer

Narrated by Paul Boehmer & Rachel L. Jacobs

Do you believe in magic? Then you will definitely want to listen to author Meg Shaffer’s debut novel, The Wishing Game. Most of you will know Meg better as Tiffany Reisz, author of The Original Sinners series. While the subject matter of The Wishing Game is far different from the Sinners books, the author’s whimsical and precise writing style still shines through. Let’s face it. We’re living in a difficult time. Wishes often don’t come true no matter how hard-working or hard-wishing a person may be. The news and many books are filled with murder and mayhem and even though I have a penchant for psychological thrillers, it is uplifting and hopeful to read or listen to a book where the good guys – or girls – have a chance to become winners. What could produce a winner quicker than a contest, and where would the contest be more fun than on an island inhabited by the author of fanciful children’s books? The Wishing Game is ingenuously plotted by Meg Shaffer and the narrators have unique voices for all the characters. Treat yourself to some joy and magic in a chaotic world.

Over Her Dead Body

By Susan Walter

Narrated by Selah Victor, Jane Oppenheimer, Marcus Stewart, Timothy Andres Pabon, Joe Knezevich, Lauren Ezzo, and Rebecca Mozo

You know those signs on the highway that indicate a curvy road is ahead? Well, there should be one of those in the cover of Over Her Dead Body! If you like a book with lots of plot twists and an ever-changing landscape of good guys and bad guys, you will love Susan Walters mostly light-hearted but with a bit of tongue-in-cheek book with the grisly sounding title. Imagine being an aspiring actress with an opportunity to have a famous casting director whom you just met help you audition for a role. Never mind that she is retired and a little creepy … you are desperate and she sounds authentic. Fast forward a day and you learn that not only has she died, but she has left you her millions bringing the wrath of her greedy children down on your head. Ashley Brooks finds herself in just such a situation and all I can say is don’t get too comfortable with anything in this one because there is a surprise/shock around every curve. Don’t lose your focus toward the end of the book or you will miss your turn! The narrators give an excellent performance and there’s even an adorable dog who plays a role of his own in this tale of luck, irony, and revenge.

The Five-Star Weekend

By Elin Hilderbrand

Narrated by Erin Bennett

I’m sure most of you are thinking this is going to be another review of a book about vacations which I think I remember swearing off of a couple of months ago. In the case of The Five-Star Weekend, author Elin Hilderbrand is referring to a special treat Hollis Shaw is planning for herself and four of her dearest friends from the various periods of her life: high school, college, young motherhood, and the piece de resistance, a present-day virtual friend whom she’s never met in person. The weekend is something Hollis is giving to herself as a sort of celebration of life following the death of her husband. Little does she know that each of these friends comes with lots of baggage and it’s definitely not the designer variety. As readers or listeners, we are treated to their stories of how life has dealt its blows to them. We also hear from the hostess’s daughter who has drama of her own. This is an engaging tale set in the author’s favorite locale Nantucket and replete with lots of wonderful sounding food. I wonder if she’s ever considered becoming a foodie??? Erin Bennett provides excellent narration of a book with a bit of heartache and lots of drama, but one you can definitely take to the beach!

The Sunshine Girls

By Molly Fader

Narrated by Andy Arndt

They called them the Sunshine Girls because like each new day, they were filled with possibilities. They were first year nursing students destined for a rigorous academic program and dedicated to lives of service. BettyKay, Kitty, and Jenny are about as different as any college friends could ever be, yet they quickly form a bond that takes them through a lifetime of tragedy and heartache, secrets and healing. This story will have special meaning for those like me who came of age in the 60s and for those like me who spent their careers as nurses. Be sure to listen to the very touching author’s note at the end of the book in which Molly Fader credits her mother’s career as a nurse as her inspiration. This tribute also held personal meaning for me. The storyline goes beyond the aspects that I related to so deeply and touches on things that will have meaning for everyone: friendship and the true meaning of family. This is a very special book and narrator Andy Arndt gives a very special performance.

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