“…Miss Mitchell.”

It’s amazing how two simple words can bring together people who have never met before. Those words, furnished by Sylvain Reynard in his best selling novel, Gabriel’s Inferno, did just that for us. We bonded over discussions focused on the meaning of kindness, love, redemption, and forgiveness. We’ve also spent countless hours picking out who we see as our favorite characters in the books. After that, we continued to read books together, recommend them to each other, and give our own impressions of them.

The experience of sharing one’s own reaction to literature allows others to see things from a different point of view. This is why not only reading books, but also discussing them is important. We expand our knowledge when we delve into the driving actions of characters in novels. It’s also incredibly fun. For this reason, we formed The Literati Literature Lovers blog.

The Literati Literature Lovers hope that our group is able to bring you reviews and discussions in books in various genres. We invite you to read with us and share your thoughts as well. From time to time, you may also see a recipe inspired by a book we are reading and input from some of the authors of those books.

Join us and cheers to reading!

Note: The Literati Literature Lovers (LLL) cannot be held responsible for sleepless nights due to reading.
– Karen, Rosette, Michelle, Beth, Yesi, Debbie, Deidre, Sally, Robbie and Maria


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  1. Loved the rules. Especially about skipping a chapter. I have been known to ‘skim’ through what I thought were dull parts, only to have to go back later to glean an item I needed for the book to make sense. I’ve also rushed through the last few pages for the final zinger, but I’m always disappointed when the book is done. MUST NOT SPEED READ.

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